What about Raven?  That is not much of a question anymore.  Everyone knows about
him and his accomplishments through WCW, ECW and the WWF.  A former World Champion
in Philadelphia, Raven also held both the World Tag and United States Heavyweight Titles in
World Championship Wrestling.  Over the last several years, he has had several brutal feuds
with Tommy Dreamer and Dallas Page.

     In 1998, he formed the “Flock,” a band of rebellious wrestlers which included Hammer,
Sick Boy, Reese, Lodi and Saturn.  Raven has proven to be not only a tough, hardcore
wrestler, but one of intelligence.  Many of his fans continue to have high hopes.  Early in his
career, Raven learned much from Jake Roberts and ventured through parts of Puerto Rico,
Florida and Canada.  He often competed under the name Scotty the Body.

     Many fans throughout the country began to take notice of the youngster while he was
wrestling in Portland under Don Owen.  Scotty the Body was very successful there, capturing
several PNW Heavyweight Titles.  He teamed with Top Gun on July 8th, 1989 in Portland to
win the PNW Tag Team Title with a victory over veteran tag team, Steve Doll and Scott
Peterson.  The title was held-up during a match against the former champions in Portland
and officials announced that a rematch was be held to crown a new champ.  On September
16th in Portland, King and Doll triumphed over Scotty and The Grappler.

     In May 1992, under the name Scotty Flamingo, he entered WCW with confidence.  At 21-
years of age, he was already a contender.  On May 1st, he beat Brad Armstrong in St.
Petersburg during a television taping.  The win proved that he was a top light heavyweight
and one to challenge the current champion.  On May 10th, he dropped a match to Johnny B.
Badd at the Omni in Atlanta.  During the Beach Blast pay-per-view, Flamingo beat Brian
Pillman and captured the WCW World Light Heavyweight Title in Mobile, Alabama.  He was
defeated by Armstrong on July 5th and lost the belt.

     Flamingo left WCW and traveled through Memphis and the United States Wrestling
Association.  There, he captured the USWA World Tag Title with Brian Christopher.  Later in
the year, he signed with the WWF and became “Johnny Polo.”  Polo was a vocal manager
with plenty to say about just about everything.  It wasn’t long before the WWF put him behind
the microphone on WWF Telecasts.  Between ’93 and ’94, he managed the Quebecers and
Adam Bomb.  On September 13, 1993 in New York City, Polo helped Jacques and Pierre win
the WWF World Tag Team Title.  His part in the match literally did more to win the belts that
his tag team did.  The bout had been signed under “Province of Quebec” rules where a
championship could change hands on a disqualification.  Polo gave one of the Steiner’s a
hockey stick and when the referee turned around, he saw a downed Quebecer.  The decision
was made.

     Raven left the WWF for Philadelphia, where he signed with Extreme Championship
Wrestling.  It was in ECW that he became “Raven.” He took Beulah McGillicutty as his
manager.  Raven ended Tommy Dreamer’s winning streak during the night of March 18,
1995 in Philadelphia.  He beat him by pinfall.  The Raven-Dreamer feud continued to heat up
and shock those who witnessed them fight.  Raven beat him again on April 8th at the ECW
Arena.  He formed a tag team with Stevie Richards.  In Jim Thorpe on June 20th, the duo
captured the ECW World Tag Team Championship from the members of Public Enemy.

     On August 26th, Raven and Richards won over the Pitbulls.  They dropped the straps to
the Pitbulls in Philadelphia on September 16th in a two-of-three-falls, double-dog collar tag
match.  Raven and Richards won back the ECW World Belts from the Pitbulls on October 7th
at the ECW Arena, but were scheduled to defend them later in a special three-way dance
against Public Enemy and the Gangstas.  Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock won the title
match and before the celebration could have begun for Raven and Richards, it all was over.  
They teamed with the Eliminators and the Heavenly Bodies on December 9, 1995 at the ECW
Arena.  The six men took on the Pitbulls, Public Enemy and Tommy Dreamer in a steel cage
match.  Dreamer pinned Richards to win the bout.

     Bigger things were on his mind.  Raven won the ECW World Heavyweight Title from
Sandman in Philadelphia on January 27, 1996.  He won the match by pinfall.  Raven wrestled
and beat Shane Douglas on March 9th in Philadelphia.  He pinned his challenger in 8:40.  On
March 30th, Raven was pinned by Douglas in the final of a six-man tag team match at ECW
Arena.  Raven had teamed with the Bruise Brothers against Douglas, Tommy Dreamer and
Sandman.  He faced Pitbull II and Sandman in a three-way dance on May 11th in
Philadelphia.  Raven pinned Pitbull II, eliminating his first opponent.  Later, he did the same to
Sandman, retaining his World Title.  Raven beat Pitbull II again on June 1st at the ECW
Arena.  On August 24th in Philly, he teamed with Shane Douglas.  Their opponents in a
double dog collar match were Pitbull II and Sandman.  Raven was pinned by the Sandman.

     It seemed that Raven’s biggest challenge in ECW was the Sandman, and many wondered
if they would ever exchange the belt.  On September 14th, he beat Pitbull II once again.  In
early October, Raven dropped the World Title in unconventional fashion.  Raven had teamed
with Stevie Richards in a tag team match which said that if Richards was pinned by Sandman,
Raven would lose the World Title.  It happened and the belt changed hands.  In the main
event of November to Remember on November 16th, Raven challenged the new champ with
plans of regaining the title.  He didn’t and lost by pinfall.  Finally, on December 7th, Raven
beat Sandman and regained the ECW World Title.  Their match had been a brutal barbed
wire contest.  His second reign began.  

     Former UWF World Champion, Steve “Dr. Death” Williams entered ECW and was granted
a World Title shot against Raven at the “Crossing the Line Again” show on the 1st of
February, 1997.  He successfully defended his championship.  Raven wrestled Richards and
Tommy Dreamer in a three-way elimination match in Philadelphia on March 15th.  He first
pinned Richards, then Dreamer.  It was a big task.

     Raven went into ECW’s first pay-per-view as the defending World Champion against
Terry Funk on April 13th.  He lost the title in a highly anticipated wrestling contest.  Raven
was one of four participants in a match for the World Title on May 10, 1997 at the ECW
Arena.  Funk was the defending champion against The Sandman, Richards and Raven.  He
was unable to take the belt.  Funk remained the top wrestler in the organization.  

     Both Raven and Stevie Richards signed with WCW in the weeks that followed.  They
made their first appearance together on July 13th in Daytona Beach at the Ocean Center
and sat ringside.  In his first major move, Raven formed the “Flock,” a group of grapplers who
seemed to need a leader.  He provided such.  The group received many cheers and jeers.  
Raven was also known for wrestling in matches under “Raven’s Rules,” which basically meant
there were no rules.  He really paved the way for the hardcore style in WCW.  On August
21st in Nashville, Raven wrestled and beat Richards during the Clash.  He defeated former
American Male, Scotty Riggs on November 23rd in Auburn Hills during the World War III pay-

     In a battle between two wrestling talents, Raven lost to Chris Benoit by submission on
January 24, 1998 in Dayton.  The Flock attempted to run in and pound Benoit, but Dean
Malenko halted their attack.  Raven competed against Benoit and Dallas Page for the latter’s
U.S. Title at Uncensored in a “Triple Jeopardy” match.  Raven was pinned by the champion in
17:11.  MTV Live produced both Raven and Dallas Page on March 18th.  The show
documented their feud and had footage of the Stuck Mojo video they both were in.  Raven
spoke on the television, then appeared from behind hitting Page with a stop sign.  He
proceeded to DDT Page through a table and took the United States Title Belt, ending the

     Page suffered a concussion in the attack and Raven appeared the next night in Terra
Haute, Indiana with the title.  He pinned Brad Armstrong, the man who had beaten him for the
WCW World Light Heavyweight Title years earlier, with a DDT.  He also had words for Page
with the Flock assisting.  On the 25th, Page teamed with Benoit in Baltimore to beat Raven
and Perry Saturn.  On April 19th in Denver, Raven beat Page to officially capture the U.S.
Title during the Spring Stampede pay-per-view.  The Flock appeared, as usual, and a stop
sign was brought into the mix, helping the new champion win.  The following night in Colorado
Springs, Raven met an unstoppable force named Bill Goldberg.  The challenger had been
unbeaten in 74 straight pro-matches and didn’t seem like he was letting up any.  Though
most of his Flock attempted to stop the onslaught, Goldberg pinned Raven and won the U.S.
Title.  The reign lasted one day.

     James J. Dillon announced that a WCW appointed team of four guards were assigned to
protect Raven from the miscellaneous string of attacks on him in past weeks, on May 11,
1998 in Kansas City.  The Flock also attacked Hammer, who had defeated Saturn the week
before in a loser-leaves-Flock-match, with Raven’s consent.  Raven lost a cage match to
Dallas Page on May 17th during Slamboree.  On July 12th at the Bash at the Beach, Raven
beat Saturn.  He wrestled both Kanyon and Saturn in Sturgis in a falls-count-anywhere match
at Road Wild and was pinned by Saturn.  Saturn beat Raven again on September 13th in
Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Because of the victory, Saturn was able to free the
remaining members of the Flock.  He challenged Chris Jericho for the World TV Title on
October 25th in Las Vegas.  Raven lost by submission.

             A string of successive pay-per-view losses were not helping Raven’s cause for
championship gold.  He went out with an injury soon after.  He returned in early 1999.  The
Sandman had also joined WCW and changed his name to “Hak.” Hardcore matches in the
organization just became a little more sophisticated.  Raven had introduced the style to WCW
and wanted to remain at the top of the heap.  On March 14th during Uncensored, he battled
Hak and Bam Bam Bigelow in a falls-count-anywhere match.  Hak pinned him for the match

     Raven made up with Perry Saturn and the two formed a tag team.  They lost to Chris
Benoit and Dean Malenko in a battle between ECW alumni on April 11th in Tacoma,
Washington during the Spring Stampede PPV.  Raven was pinned by Malenko.  The duo
entered a three-way match against Benoit and Malenko and Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio
Jr., the WCW World Tag Team Champions on May 9, 1999 at Slamboree.  Raven pinned
Kidman and won the tag title.  Once again, Raven was put on the sidelines with an injury.  
Kanyon took his place during a Thunder showing on May 31st in Houston against the Triad.  
Saturn and Kanyon lost the belts, when the latter turned against his partner.  Raven
interfered in a six-man tag team match at Road Wild on August 14, 1999 in Sturgis.  Kidman,
Eddy Guerrero and Misterio won over Vampiro and the Insane Clown Posse.

     Raven departed WCW and rejoined Extreme Championship Wrestling.  He formed a
partnership with a former enemy, Tommy Dreamer.  The duo captured the World Tag Title in
Queens, New York on August 26th from the Dudley Boys.  Two nights later in Philadelphia,
Raven and Dreamer beat Rhino and Jack Victory at the Arena before an estimated 1,500
fans.  The champs received a challenge from Lance Storm and Justin Credible in October
and on the 23rd, the four wrestlers met in Philadelphia.  Rather than allowing for a clean
finish, the bout was ruled a no contest.  Raven and Dreamer remained the tag team to beat.  
He lost to Sandman on November 27th in Philadelphia.  Dreamer was the special referee.  
Raven and Dreamer lost the tag title on January 9th in Birmingham to the Impact Players.

     During the summer, he signed on to return to the WWF, but wasn’t about to return to
being Johnny Polo.  Those days were long gone.  Many speculated on when he would make
his initial debut.  He did not appear at SummerSlam in August.  It was a month later on
September 24, 2000 during the Unforgiven show in Philadelphia.  Ironic.  Raven returned to
help Taz beat Jerry Lawler by submission after dropping the “King” with a DDT.  The next
night in State College, Raven interjected in another one of Taz’s matches.  Taz was wrestling
Buh Buh Ray Dudley when Raven came in and DDT’d both Lawler, who was doing
commentary, and Buh Buh.  Many were wondering why he was appearing, because they were
not sure if he had a contract or not.  Raven had.  On October 2nd, he teamed with Taz and X-
Pac against the Dudleys and Chris Jericho.  Late in the bout, Raven was nailed with the “3-D”
and then hit with a Lionsault by Jericho for the pinfall.

     Raven and Taz continued to team together.  During Raw on October 23rd in Hartford,
they beat Too Cool.  In Houston on November 6th, Lawler reentered the ring to get some
revenge on Raven.  Taz, who had accompanied Raven and sat down to do commentary, got
up and interfered.  Lawler won by disqualification.  Al Snow ran out to even things up.  When
it seemed that possibly Raven and Taz could challenge for the World Tag Title, they broke
up.  It happened on November 13th when a missed spot caused Taz to be pinned by one of
the Dudleys.  Angry, Taz put Raven through a table with a suplex.  In Birmingham for
Armageddon, Raven interfered in William Regal’s match with Hardcore Holly.  His actions
helped Regal retain the European Championship.  The next night, Raven wrestled Al Snow in
Memphis.  The wild match ended in the back when Raven used a brick to knock Snow out.  
Lo-Down also got involved in the bout.

     Raw for Christmas ’00 was taped on December 22nd in Chattanooga.  The LT.
Commissioner of the WWF, Debra arranged a special tribute match to Mick Foley.  The
match was going to be a three-way WWF World Hardcore Title Match between the champion,
Steve Blackman, Hardcore Holly and Raven.  Initially, Holly was pinned by Blackman, but
Raven, in-turn, beat Blackman.  Raven had captured his first WWF Hardcore Title.  Between
January 2001 and March 2001, he captured the Hardcore Title an additional ten times.  
Raven went into WrestleMania at the Reliant Astrodome on April 1st as the defending
champion.  More than 65,000 fans watched him face off against the Big Show and Kane in a
three-way dance.  Kane pinned Show for the belt.

     In June, the Alliance was formed with wrestlers from the WCW and ECW.  The two
organizations bonded in an attempt to bring down the WWF.  ECW was headed by Paul
Heyman and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.  Among the others in the Alliance were Rob Van
Dam, Taz, the Dudley Boys and Tommy Dreamer.  On July 22, 2001 at the Invasion pay-per-
view in Cleveland, Raven wrestled the WWF Commissioner, William Regal.  He won with a
DDT after Taz ran out and suplexed the official.  That night also marked the turn of Steve
Austin from pro-WWF to pro-Alliance.

     Raven made his 2nd appearance at the annual Brian Pillman Memorial Show.  The event
was held on Thursday, August 9, 2001 in Cincinnati.  He teamed with Justin Credible against
Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn.  Malenko, who would later announce his retirement, forced
Credible to submit to the Texas Cloverleaf.


     -Co-holder of the Pacific Northwest Tag Team Title (1989) w/ Top Gun
     -A three-time PNW Heavyweight Champion
             -Defeated Carl Styles (1989) tournament final
             -Defeated Rex King (1989)
             -Defeated The Grappler (1990) tournament final
     -WCW World Light Heavyweight Title (1992) defeated Brian Pillman
     -Co-holder of the USWA Tag Team Title (1993) w/ Brian Christopher
     -A four-time co-holder of the ECW World Tag Team Title
             w/ Stevie Richards (1995) defeated The Public Enemy
             w/ Stevie Richards (1995) defeated The Pit Bulls
             w/ Tommy Dreamer (1999) defeated The Dudley Boys
             w/ Mike Awesome (2000) defeated Tommy Dreamer and Masato Tanaka
     -A two-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion
             -Defeated The Sandman (1996)
             -Defeated The Sandman (1996)
     -WCW United States Heavyweight Title (1998) defeated Dallas Page
     -Co-holder of the WCW World Tag Team Title (1999) w/ Perry Saturn
     -An eleven-time WWF World Hardcore Champion
             -Defeated Steve Blackman (2000)
             -Defeated Al Snow (2001)
             -Defeated Crash Holly (2001)
             -Defeated Crash Holly (2001)
             -Defeated Hardcore Holly (2001)
             -Defeated Hardcore Holly (2001)
             -Defeated Al Snow (2001)
             -Defeated Steve Blackman (2001)
             -Defeated Steve Blackman (2001)
             -Defeated Billy Gunn (2001)
             -Defeated The Big Show (2001)

Research by Tim Hornbaker
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