Providence, Rhode Island:  February 6, 1928
( ) ... Mike Romano b. John Spellman (Spellman was unable to continue due to a broken
rib) ... Leoni Latriola b. Jack O'Dell (47:00) ... Gus Sonnenberg b. Al Thomas (1:10)
Notes:  This was reportedly Spellman's first professional wrestling loss.  Sonnenberg's
third pro match.

Providence, Rhode Island:  February 21, 1928
( ) ... Gus Sonnenberg b. John Thompson (2:20) ... Abe Kaplan b. Tom Lurich (46:15) ...
Joe Malcewicz b. Leoni Latriola (2-0)
Notes:  Sonnenberg was 6-0 in his pro wrestling career by this point and had won them
all in under 18:00, combined.  Lurich was from Passaic and Kaplan from Boston.

Providence, Rhode Island:  May 22, 1928
(Arcadian) ... Gus Sonnenberg b. Dr. Karl Sarpolis (2-0) (20:20, 10:45) ... Stanley
Stasiak b. Joe "Bull" Komar (46:22) ... Joe DeVito and Jack Ganson wrestled to a no
contest (DeVito was injured after 30:00, but the match continued; then Ganson was
injured after falling on a seam in the mat - the bout was finally stopped) ... John Spellman
b. Nick Gotch
Note:  Sonnenberg won his 30th straight victory.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
February 13, 2011
Providence Wrestling Results - 1928