Pinkie George promoted throughout Iowa and was the originator behind the National
Wrestling Alliance.  He brought together many various personalities in 1948, creating a
union of sorts of wrestling promoters across the nation.  He was a politician, although
not as gifted as Sam Muchnick, and I've found that he was always more fair than not.  
He was also a very compassionate guy, shown by his actions in the aftermath of boxer
Alejandro Lavorante's brain hemorrhage in 1962.  He served in the mitliary during WWII
and was a major promoter in Des Moines between the 1930s and '70s, also promoting
in San Antonio and briefly in KC.

In the 1950s, however, a major situation began brewing in the Central States between
Pinkie and Gust Karras (promoter in St. Joseph) and wrestler Sonny Myers, spawning
lawsuits and tons of bad blood.  Former World Heavyweight Champion Wladek Zbyszko
came in on the side of the latter group, writing this letter to Pinkie from his Savannah,
Missouri farm:

I will try to write it the same way it was written, spelling errors included:

Pinkie George;

I know you like to hear from me, How is your dear health?

How is the rackett going on? It is remarkable for Your person to do that what You are

Oh well I did hear that the guillible people Knighted you in poor Greece instead of
knifing you.

Well, Georgie Pinkie I shalll not keep You long just will tell you that I will visit Des Moines

You will know that I am tosswn don't You worry as i am not woryying about it

We will yeat have lots L O T S of Funn,. together.

I remember well what You wrote after the articles in Register,. in Your paper I used it to
a good purpose - that paper what you printed you can be sure of that it was rather hard
paper I am using little softer one.

Yeas Pinkie we will start soon the act number two,. that as you know/ but hardly you
ever heard/ in Greek drama,. always the end is where the burry the stiff that comsin
third act,. So we will have to select the stiff for the third act,.

Yeas that mea above (meaning his name was at the top of the stationary) is enough I
dont need to sign my lettees to you.

Best regards form Gus Karras and Sunny Mayers,. also Love and kizzes from them,. on
both cheeks.

Pinkie wrote a letter a short time letter addressed to "Whom It May Concern," writing
about the death threats he received and the fact that he was compelled to buy a gun
because of them.  He wrote that Zbyszko stooged for [Karras, Myers and George
Simpson] and that was something he had the right to do, "But to Stooge for them as a
Liquidator as his letter implies is another thing."

Zbyszko also wrote a letter to Sam Muchnick talking about the second act.  I wonder
what motivated Zbyszko, at his advanced age, to get involved in this feud because he
clearly had nothing to do with it other than being friends with Simpson/Karras.  Zbyszko
was also very vocal in being against the NWA.  These guys wanted Pinkie's "territory" of
Iowa and eventually pushed him completely out.
Pinkie George vs. Wladek Zbyszko