Great Falls, Montana:  Friday, April 7, 1911
( ) … Mike Yokel b. Pearl T. Beeman (1-0) (1-hour, 41-minutes) (UTC) (Yokel was
reported as chasing Henry Gehring, the World Middleweight Champion) … (referee:  
Fred Andretta) … (700 fans in attendance (nearly 200 were women))

Billings, Montana:  Monday, January 24, 1916
( ) … Walter Miller b. Joe Turner to capture the World Welterweight Title (2-0) (Turner
twisted his ankle during the second fall and was UTC) (2:45:00)

Billings, Montana:  Monday, April 24, 1916
( ) … Walter Miller b. Pet Brown in 1-hour, 30-minutes (Brown was the World
Middleweight Champion) (-Miller weighed 154, while Brown weighed 167, failing to make
the required weight of 158) (Miller may have claimed the championship after this match)

Livingston, Montana:  Monday, August 31, 1925
( ) ... Jack Taylor b. Jake Amend (2/3)
Notes:  Taylor was from Casper and Amend was from Billings.  This match was said to be
for the Montana Heavyweight Title.

Bozeman, Montana:  Friday, September 4, 1925
( ) … Jack Taylor b. George Kastenko (2/3) (Taylor won the first fall in 21:12, Kastenko
won the second in 8:16, Taylor won the third in 6:26)
Notes:  Taylor was billed as the Wyoming Heavyweight Champion.  Kastenko was billed
as the North Dakota State Heavyweight Champion prior to the match.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
January 18, 2011
Other Montana Wrestling Results 1900-'30