NWA Member:  Max Clayton

Admitted to Organization:  July 18, 1948*, October 16, 1949
Omaha Office:  Castle Hotel
Phone Number:  Harney 2440 (1955)

*Clayton still had affiliation to the Lou Thesz group in 1948 into 1949 despite attending
the meeting that founded the National Wrestling Alliance.

Even after the Thesz-Muchnick affair was resolved, Clayton still withheld membership in
the NWA because of a problem with Alliance President Pinkie George over two Iowa cities,
Dubuque and Council Bluffs.  George displayed his willingness to make peace with
Clayton and turned over rights to the towns.

In a letter to NWA members on October 16, 1949, Sam Muchnick explained that the
"Omaha-Des Moines mixup" had been resolved and that Clayton had sent in his $150
initiation fee to join the Alliance.  Although Clayton was an original organizer, did not join
the NWA until now because of "technical reasons," according to Muchnick.

Clayton passed away suddenly on Monday, July 1, 1957 at the age of 61.  Joe Dusek,
Verne Gagne, Fred Kohler, and other dignitaries attended his funeral.

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