Wrestling Obituary Collection CD featuring more than 150 pages of rare material.  Included
are clippings and other information, providing tons of data on some of professional wrestling
history's most famous individuals.  Many of these documents are extremely hard to find.
Included are documents on:

Frank Gotch, Vincent J. McMahon, Americus, Bobo Brazil, Ira Dern, Ray Gunkel, Tom
Jenkins, Dr. Bill Miller, Wayne Munn, Charles Olson, Billy Thom, Herb Freeman, Tim Woods,
Mike Yokel, Babe Zaharias, Moose Cholak, Johnny Kace, Ilio DiPaolo, Yussif Mahmout, Sailor
Art Thomas, Joe Acton, Stanley Stasiak, Gus Sonnenberg, George Godfrey Ivan Poddubny,
Earl Caddock, Ed "Strangler" Lewis, Stanislaus Zbyszko, Ted Thye, George Bothner, Bill
Longson, Frank Sexton, Jim McMillen, George Hackenschmidt, Eddie Graham, Wladek
Zbyszko, Hans Steinke, Joe Savoldi, Joe Stecher, Jess McMahon, Wahoo McDaniel, Lou
Thesz, Larry Hamilton, Bobby Bruns, Ernie Dusek, Joe Scarpello, Joe Dusek, Danno
O'Mahoney, George Tragos, Dan McLeod, Maurice Tillet, Karl Pojello, Joe Coffey, Dick
Axman, Everette Marshall, Monte Munn, Col. James H. McLaughlin, William Muldoon, Ernest
Roeber, Dino Bravo, John Katan, Carlos Henriquez, Ruffy Silverstein, Peter Maivia, Lee
Wykoff, Paul Bowser, Jack Reynolds, Jim Clinstock, George Tragos (Death Certificate),
Gorgeous George (Death Certificate), Sam Avey (Death Certificate), Don Eagle, Buddy
Rogers, Yvon Robert, Bronko Nagurski, Dick Murdoch, Bobby Managoff, Johnny Valentine

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Wrestling Obituary Document CD Collection - For Sale
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