Wrestler:                                Nickname:

Abbate, Angelo                        Italian Wild Man, The Professor, Italian Bulldog
Abbey, Joe                               Killer
Abbott, Tank                            DJ Tank
Abdullah the Butcher               Sudanese Madman, Madman from the Sudan
Ackers, Jimmy                          Handsome
Acton, Joe                                Little Demon
Adams, Chris                           Gentleman
Adams, George                        Smoky
Adonis, Adrian                         Adorable
Akeem                                     The African Dream
Akiyama, Jun                           Blue Thunder
Albano, Captain Lou                The Guiding Light, The Greatest Manager of the Century
Albright, Gary                          Air Albright
Allen, Donn E.                         Devious
Allen, Rich                               Superstar
Allen, Terry                             Tenacious
Allen, Walter                            Wolf Man
Alfonso, Bill                             Fonzie
Anderson, Arn                         The Enforcer, Double A
Anderson, Bill                          Big
Anderson, Lars                       Luscious
Anderson, Paul                       The World’s Strongest Man
Anderson, Randy                     Pee Wee
Andre the Giant                       The Battle Royal King, Eighth Wonder of the World
Andrews, Scoot                       Black Nature Boy
Anthony, Stud                         South Beach
Anthony, Tony                        Dirty White Boy
Antone, Jean                           Gidget, Little Miss Dynamite
Apollo, Vittorio                         Argentina
Archer, Silas                            The Colored Strangler
Arena, George                        Gorgeous George
Armstrong, Brad                      Candyman
Armstrong, Bob                       Bullet
Armstrong, Jack                       Wildman
Armstrong, Jesse                     Jesse James, Road Dogg
Arquette, David                        Mr. Cox
Ash, Marc                                 Mean
Atkins, Fred                             Hard Rock From Down Under
Atlas, Tony                               Mr. USA
Austin, Buddy                           Killer
Austin, Steve                            Stunning, Ring Master, Stone Cold, Texas Rattlesnake
Awesome, Mike                        Mullet
Baba, Shohei                           Giant, Baba the Giant
Baby Doll                                 Perfect Ten
Bagwell, Marcus                       Buff, Buff the Stuff, Buff Daddy
Baillargeon, Antonio                 Mr. Europe
Baldwin, Sammy                       Bobo
Bamidele, Mike                        The African Tiger
Banner, Penny                         Wow Girl
Barend, Johnny                        Handsome
Baronowski, Joe                       Rocky
Bass, Ron                                Outlaw
Bastien, Red                            The Flying Redhead
Becker, George                        German Bomber
Becker, Pete                             Terrible Texan
Beefcake, Brutus                      The Barber
Belkas, Chris                            The Golden Greek
Bell, Kay                                  Sampson
Bell, Mike                                 Mad Dog
Benoit, Chris                            The Crippler, The Canadian Crippler
Berg, Sammy Jr.                       Mr. Canada
Bernard, Barney                       The Chest
Bernard, Jim                             Brute
Berry, Ralph                             Wild, Red
Bertolini, Bert                            Waxie
Bey, Ali                                     Scourge of the Balkans, Turkish Terror
Billy Jack                                  The People’s Choice
Bischoff, Eric                            E-Z-E
Bishop, Brandon                      Physical Fascination
Blackman, Steve                      Lethal Weapon
Blackstock, Marshall                Dynamite
Blackwell, Jerry                        Crusher
Blanchard, Joe                         Jolting Joe
Blanchard, Tully                       The Kid
Blassie, Freddie                       Sailor, Butcher Boy, Classie, Ayatollah, Fashion Plate of
Blood, Jimmy                            Crazy
Bigelow, Bam Bam                    The Beast From The East
Black, Billy                                Bad Boy
Black, Terrance                        Navy Seal
Blackwell, Jerry                         Sheik
Blade, Mike                               Maniac
Blaze, Sonny                             Broadway
Bloom, Wayne                          The Train
Bobby B                                   Crazy
Bockwinkel, Nick                       Lean, Mean Machine
Boesch, Paul                            Mr. TV Announcer
Bollas, George                          Stonewall
Bollea, Terry                             The Hulk
Borne, Tony                              Tough
Boyette, Mike                            California Hippie
Bravo, Dino                               The World’s Strongest Man, Canada’s Strongest Man
Breeding, Anthony                    The Shocker
Brooks, Bill                                Wild
Brower, Dick                              Bulldog, Delaware Destroyer
Brown, Bob                                Bulldog
Brown, Bobo                              Downtown, Prince of Motown, Uptown Swinger
Brown, D-Lo                               Uptown
Brown, Eddie                              Nitestic
Brown, Leroy                              Bad
Brown, James                             Bingo
Brown, Jimmy                             Harlem
Bruce, Frank                              Fireman
Bruiser Brody                             King Kong
Bruns, Robert                             Bruiser
Brunswick, Nick                          The Sportsman
Brunzell, Jim                               Jumping
Bull, Terry                                 Terrible
Bulldog Brower                         The One-Man Riot-Squad
Burke, Samson                         Hercules
Burke, Mildred                          Millie the Mauler, Wrestling Queen
Busick, Nick                               Big Bully Busick, Powerhouse, Jumping
Byers, June                               Titan Thunderbolt
Caddock, Babe                         Man of 1,000 Holds, Mystery Hold
Cage, Christian                         Canadian Rage
Callender, Roy                          Mr. Universe
Callous, Mark                            Mean
Cameron, Larry                         The Butcher, Lethal
Campbell, Joe                            Lightning
Candido, Chris                          Suicide Blond, Hard Knox, No Gimmicks Needed
Candy, Ray                               Candyman
Cannon, George                       Crybaby
Canterbury, Mark                      Mean
Capri, Vic                                  Ice Pick
Carlin, Johnny                           Swede
Carlson, Orville                         Cowboy
Carnera, Primo                         Da Preem
Carpentier, Edouard                 The Flying Frenchman, Carp
Carson, Bill                                Man Mountain
Casey, Ann                                Leopard Girl, Panther Girl
Casey, Jim                                 Thunderbolt
Casey, Steve                             Crusher
Chavis, Chris                             War Eagle
Chene, Larry                              Leaping
Chilly Willy                                 Mr. Homeboy
Chono, Masa                             Mr. August
Christie, Joe                               Killer
Chyna                                        Ninth Wonder of the World, Amazon
Clancy, Mike                               Lower the Boom Clancy, The Mighty Titan, Irish, Iron
Clayton, Max                              Squire
Coachman, Jonathan                 Coach
Cody, Bill                                   Wild
Coffman, Juanita                        Amazon Queen
Coleman, Abe                            Little Giant
Coleman, Dave                          The Surgeon
Collins, Bill                                 Wild
Colombo, Rocco                        The Bronx Beast
Conacher, Lionel                       Big Train
Condrey, Dennis                        Loverboy
Conill, Aguila                              The Eagle
Contos, Nick                               The Yankee Clipper
Cordova, Polo                            The Spanish Strongman
Corino, Steve                             Old School
Cortez, Ricky                              Crusher
Cortez, Rita                                The Mexican Spitfire
Cortolano, Mickey                       Mighty Mickey
Cosenza, Tony                            Flushing Flash
Cox, Ted                                     King Kong
Coyle, Al                                    Wildcat
Crabtree, Shirley                        Big Daddy
Creatchman, Eddie                    The Brain
Curry, Bull                                  Wild
Curry, Fred                                Flyin, Bull, Wild
Curry, Jack                                 Bonecrusher, The Bull
Cusic, Jackie                              Irish
Cutler, Charles                           Kid
Cyborg                                       Indestructible
Cyrus                                        The Virus
Dangerously, Paul E.                 Psycho Yuppie
Daniels, Christopher                  Fallen Angel
Darnell, Billy                               Gorgeous Billy
Daro, Lou                                  Carnation
Davis, Danny                             Dangerous
Davis, Ellis                                Dizzy
Davis, Sterling                           Dizzy Davis
Davis, William                           Wee Willie
Dean, Ian                                  Doc
DeCero, Sam                            The Don of Pro Wrestling
Del Ray, Jimmy                         Gigolo
Dempsey, Jack                         Manassa Mauler
Denton, Danny                         Dirty
DeNucci, Vito                            Big, Vivacious
Dern, Wally                               Mr. Americus
Destroyer, The                          The Intelligent, Sensational Destroyer
Diamond Dave                          Smilin’
Diamond, Lance                        Superstar
DiBiase, Mike                            Iron
DiBiase, Ted                             Million Dollar Man, The Money Man
Dick the Bruiser                        Wrestling’s Most Dangerous Man, World’s Toughest Guy
Diesel                                        Big Daddy Cool
Dillon, Jack                                Tennessee Hillbilly
DiSalvo, Steve                           Strangler
Disco Inferno, The                     Manager of Champions
Dixon, Dory                                Calypso Kid
Donovan, Doug                         Iron Jaw
Donovan, Jack                           Dandy Jack
Douglas, Jimmy                         Hurricane
Douglas, Shane                        The Franchise
Doyle, Mickey                            Irish
Drake, D.C.                               Mad Dog
Drake, George                          Catalina
Drapp, Andre                             The Lion of France
Droese, Duke                             The Dumpster
DuBois, Mike                              The Judge, The Justice
Dub, Tom                                  The Scrub
Dudley, Dick                              Big
Dugan, Johnny                         Red Shoes
Duggan, Jim                              Hacksaw
Duke, Josh                                Tears
Duncum, Bobby Sr.                   Big Bad
Dundee, Bill                               Superstar
Durant, Robert                           Mr. Paris
Dusek, Danny                            Dirty, Riot Squad, The Omaha Bearcat
Dynamite D                                Mr. 80s
Eakin, George                            Red
Eaton, Bobby                              The People’s Champion, Beautiful
Eckert, Ray                                Missouri Terror
Edwards, Dale                            Crybaby
Elizabeth                                     First Lady of the WWF, First Lady of Wrestling
Ellering, Paul                               Precious
Ellis, Bob                                    Cowboy
Etchison, Ronnie                        The Wonder Boy
Evans, Billy                                 Texas Tornado
Evans, Chris                               The Edge
Evans, Dan                                 Dapper
Evans, Ray                                 Ravishing
Falco, Johnny                             Dapper
Fargo, Danny                              Fabulous
Fargo, Freddie                            Flamboyant
Fargo, Jack                                 Wildman
Fargo, Sonny                              Rough House
Feldman, Bennie                         Crusher
Fernandez, Manny                       Ragin’ Bull
Ferrara, Ed                                 Hip Hop
Finkel, Howard                            The Fink
Finkelstein, Harry                        Boston Bad Boy
Finlay, Dave                                Fit
Fischer, Charles                        Midget, Little Giant
Fives, Billy                                  Fabulous
Flair, Ric                                    Nature Boy, Slick Ric
Flynn, Jerry                                Lightning Foot
Foley, Mick                                Hardcore Legend
Fontaine, Vito                            Two Fingers
Ford, Sam                                  Rocky
Fox, Ian                                      Mr. Ego Trip
Fox, Rory                                   Rapid Delivery
Fraley, Pat                                 Cowboy
Francine                                    Queen of Extreme
Frantz, Jardi                               Fly Daddy
Frazier, Stan                              Plowboy
Fujinami, Tatsumi                       The Dragon
Funk, Terry                                Hardcore Legend, The Funker
Furness, Carl                              Doc
Gadaski, George                        Scrap Iron
Galento, Al                                 Spider
Galento, Tony                            Two Ton
Gantner, Ed                                The Bull
Gardini, Benito                           Little Flower
Garvin, Jim                                 Gorgeous, Jam
Geigel, Bob                                Texas
Geohagen, Dr. Timothy              Irish Hercules
Geohegan, James G.                  Golden Boy
George, Ed Don                         Wolverine Express
George, Mike                              Timekeeper
Gibbs, Billy                                  California Kid
Gibson, Jimmy                             Playboy
Gilbert, Doug                               Gashouse
Gilbert, Eddie                               Hot Shot, King Edward
Gilbert, Tommy                            Southern Gentleman
Gob, Steve                                  Bayonne Bombshell
Godfrey, George                         Black Shadow of Leiperville
Goldberg, Bill                               Millenium Man
Gold, Terri                                   Miss Fitness
Gomez, Joe                                 Desperado
Gomez, Joe                                 Thunderheart
Gonzales, Pete                            Speedy
Goodish, Frank                           The Hammer
Gordon, Johnny                           Flash
Gordy, Terry                                Bam Bam, Human Torpedo
Gorgeous George                        Toast of the Coast
Gossett, Ronnie P. Jr.                  Porky
Gotch, Karl                                   Kirk Douglas of the Mat
Gouldie, Archie                            Stomper
Govro, Whity                                Swede
Grable, Judy                                Barefoot Contessa
Graham, Billy                               Superstar
Graham, Bobby                           Hercules
Graham, Frank                            Tex
Graham, Luke                             Crazy
Graham, Troy                              Bruiser
Grandovich, John                        Russian Lion
Grand Wizard, The                      Manager of Champions
Great Muta, The                          Pearl of the Orient
Green, Al                                     The Dog
Greene, Kevin                              Mean
Grim, Lucifer                                Crimson Idol
Grondy, Dan                                Diamond
Grooms, Curtis                            Jack of Spades
Guerrero, Eddy                           Latino Heat
Guerrero, Gory                           Mr. It, Storm Bird
Gunn, Billy                                  The Hammer, Mr. Ass
Gunn, Terry                                Irish
Gypsy Joe                                   The Globetrotter
Hackenschmidt, George              The Russian Lion, Worlds Strongest Man
Hady, Jim                                    Gentleman
Hall, Scott                                   Magnum, Outsider
Hamilton, Larry                           Rocky
Hamilton, Joe                              Assassin
Hampton, Tim                             Trader
Hansen, Stan                              The Lariat, The Badman from Borger
Harbin, Charles                           Hard Rock
Hardaway, Dexter                        Hardtimes
Harmon, Bobby                          Beautiful
Harris, Don                                Heavy D
Harris, George                           Two Ton
Harris, Ron                                Big Ron
Hart, Bret                                  The Hitman, Excellence of Execution, Best There Is, Best
                                            There Was, Best There Ever Will Be
Hart, Hugh                                Bad
Hart, Jack                                 The Stretcher
Hart, Jimmy                               Colonel, The Mouth of the South
Hart, Owen                                The Rocket, The King of Harts
Hattori, Masao                           Tiger
Hawk, Rip                                  The Profile, The Hawk, Golden Adonis
Hayes, Michael                          P.S. (Purely Sexy)
Heath, John                               Coach
Heenan, Bobby                         Pretty Boy, The Brain
Helmsly, Hunter Hearst              Triple H, The Game, Cerebral Assassin
Helms, Shane                            The Show, Serial Thriller, Sugar, Hurricane
Hennig, Curt                              Mr. Perfect, The Perfect One
Hennig, Larry                             Pretty Boy, The Axe
Henning, Lee                             Bulldog
Henry, Jim                                 The Goon
Herman, Adolph                        Don’t Call Me Hitler
Hermann, Hans                         The Wrestling Engineer
Hernandez, Gino                       Gorgeous
Hogan, Ed                                 Dizzy
Hogan, Hulk                               The Hulkster, Immortal, Hollywood
Holliday, Jim                               Gentleman
Holly, Bob                                  Sparky Plugg, Hardcore
Holly, Crash                               Houdini of Hardcore
Holtin, Brad                                Joltin
Honky Tonk Man, The                The Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All-Time
Horner, Tim                                White Lightning
Horowitz, Barry                           Mr. Technical
Hurst, Lenny                               The Jamaica Kid
Hutchison, Ron                           Wonderboy
Hutton, Dick                                Oklahoma
Iaukea, Prince Curtis                  Hawaiian Hurricane, The Bull
Idol, Austin                                  Universal Heartthrob
Jacobs, Harry                              Babe
Jaggers, Bobby                           Hangman
James, Jesse                              Double J
Jaris, Frank                                Furious
Jarrett, Jeff                                 Double J, The Chosen One
Jason                                         Sexist Man in the World
Jay, Kenny                                 Sodbuster
Jenkins, Tom                              Ham
Jericho, Chris                             Lionheart, Y2J, Living Legend
Johnson, Danny                         Bullwhip
Johnson, Rocky                         Soulman
Jonathan, Don Leo                    Sonny
Jonckowski, Dick                        Joncker
Jones, Marvin                             Bearcat, Wildcat
Jones, Paul                                Number One
Jones, Rufus R.                          Freight Train, Pork Chop Man
Jones, S.D.                                 Special Delivery
Jones, Tony                                Shooter
Kama                                          Supreme Fighting Machine
Kamala                                        The Ugandan Headhunter
Kameroff, Ivan                            The Caribou
Kane                                          Big Red Machine
Kanyon, Chris                            Champagne
Kapitanopolis, Arthur                  Kappy
Karadagian, Martin                     The Argentine Bull
Karasick, Al                                Russian Lion, Gentleman Al
Karlsson, Karl                             Krusher
Kay, Rudy                                  Butcher Boy
Kazmaier, Bill                              Superkaz
Keirn, Steve                                The Gator
Kelly, Bob                                   Cowboy
Kelly, Kevin                                The California Hercules, Magnificent
Kelly, Rick                                  Mr. Wrestling
Kent, Don                                  Bulldog
Kent, Jim                                   Cashbox
Kernodle, Don                           The Pride of the South
Kilonis, John                              Gentle
Kimberly                                    Dirty White Girl
Kim, Billy                                   Funky
King Kong                                 Black Leopard
King, Sonny                              Big Cat, Showboat
King, Steve                               Strangler
Kiniski, Gene                             Big Thunder, Canada’s Greatest Athlete
Kirilinko, Leon                           Mad Russian
Kollins, Mike                              The Grappling Greek
Koloff, Dan                                Bulgarian Lion
Koloff, Ivan                                Russian Bear
Koloff, Nikita                              Russian Nightmare
Koncur, Mike                             Iron
Konnan                                     K-Dogg
Korman, Al                                Crusher
Kostas, Johnny                         The Greek Adonis, Encyclopedia of Wrestling
Kowalski, Stan                          The Big K
Kowalski, Wladek                      Killer
Krauser, Karol                           Polish Apollo
Krone, John                               Doc
Kwariani, Kola                           Nick the Wrestler
Ladd, Ernie                               The Big Cat, The King of Wrestling
LaDeaux, Gene                        Gorilla
Laine, Frankie                           Cowboy
Lambert, Jerry                           Bone
Lancaster, Frankie                   The Thumper
Landel, Buddy                           Nature Boy
Langevin, Bob                           Legs
Lanza, Jack                                Cowboy, Black
La Parka                                    The Chairman
Lawler, Jerry                              The King, King of Memphis, King of Wrestling
Layton, Athol                              The Lord of the Mat
Layton, Chris                              Bruiser
Lee, Brian                                  Prime Time
Lee, Don                                   Daffy, Big
Lee, Rocky                                Cowboy
Lee, Stevie                                Sweet
Lefebvre, Pierre                        Mad Dog
Leone, Antone                          Ripper
Leone, Michele                         Mad Mike
Levy, Martin                              The Blimp
Lewin, Mark                               Maniac, Purple Haze
Lewis, Bill                                   Big
Lewis, Don                                Moose
Lewis, Ed                                  Strangler
Lewis, Evans                             Strangler
Lewis, Jesse                              Hillbilly
Liger, Jushin                              Thunder
Link, Rick                                  Man Mountain
Linow, Ivan                                Ivan the Terrible
Lipscomb, Gene                        Big Daddy
Little, Jimmy                              Gorgeous
Lobman, Frank                         The Animal
Lombardi, Steve                        Brooklyn Brawler
Londos, Jim                               Greek Idol, Golden Greek
Londos, Mike                             Golden Greek
Long, Charles E.                        Chick
Longson, Bill                              Wild
Long, Teddy                              The Godfather of Professional Wrestling
Long, Troy                                 The All American
Loos, Danny                              Globeville Adonis
Louis, Joe                                  The Brown Bomber
Love, Chad                                Charming
Love, Christopher                      Sweetness
Lovranski, Dan                          The Mouth
Luger, Lex                                 Total Package, Narcissist
Luttrall, Clarence                       Cowboy
Lynn, Jerry                                The New F’n Show
Lyons, Billy                                Red
Macricostas, George                 Golden Greek
Madden, Mark                           Smokey, The Best Looking Big Man on Television
Mad Maxx                                  The Chair Man
Madril, Ahmed                           Terrible Turk
Maggs, Joey                              Jumpin’
Mahalik, Art                                Boom Boom
Maivia, Rocky Jr.                        The Rock
Malcewicz, Joe                           Waffle Ears
Malenko, Boris                           The Great Malenko, Professor
Malenko, Dean                           Shooter, Man of 1000 Holds, Iceman
Malone, Karl                               The Mailman
Mann, Dale                                TNT
Mansfield, Eddy                         The Continental Lover
Mantell, Dutch                           Dirty
Marconi, Frank                          Gorilla
Marconi, Lou                             Beef Stew
Marino, Steve                            The Italian Stallion
Marlin, Don                                Farmer
Marsh, Joe                                 Tiger
Marshall, Everette                      Blonde Bear
Martel, Michele                          Mad Dog
Martel, Rick                                The Model
Martel, Sherri                             Sensational, Scary, Sensuous, Queen
Martin, Steve                              Mr. Wildside
Martinelli, Tony                          Clifton Cutie
Martinez, Luis                             Arriba
Mascaras, Mil                             The Man of 1000 Masks
Massaro, Vincenzo                     Innovator
Massey, Al                                 Speed
Mast, Mark                                 Big
Matrix, Ric                                  Psycho
Matthews, Joey                          The Future
Mazurki, Mike                             Iron Mike
McCarthy, Charles                     Red
McClarity, Don                           The Laughing Boy
McConnell, Ray                          Kansas Bulldog, Canadian Woodchopper
McDonald, Jack                          Sockeye
McGraw, Rick                              Quickdraw
McKigney, David                         Canadian Wildman
McMahon, Shane                        Gladiator
McMahon, Stephanie                  Billion Dollar Princess
McMichael, Steve                        Mongo
McShain, Danny                         Dangerous Danny
Melson, Frank                            The Tank
Mercer, Marvin                           Atomic Marvin, Atomic Kick
Mero, Marc                                Marvelous, Wildman
Michaels, Shawn                        Heartbreak Kid, Icon, Showstopper
Millar, Donall                               Supersmooth
Miller, Bill                                    Big
Miller, Dan                                  Dandy
Miller, Ernest                              The Cat
Miller, Jerry                                Duke, Gentleman
Miller, Sebastian                        Swiss Strong Man
Millich, Joe                                 Shoeless
Milliman, Jake                            Milkman
Mills, Al                                      Mr. Murder
Mighty Atlas, The                       World’s Strongest Man
Mighty Igor, The                        Polish Power
Mikaloff, Ivan                             Ivan the Terrible
Minton, Chip                              Mr. World Class
Misnik, Tom                               Mr. ECW
Mitchell, Guy                              The Stomper
Mitchell, Jim                               Black Panther, The Panther, Cranium Cracker
Mondt, Joe                                 Toots, Mr. Wrestling
Monroe, Sputnik                        The Brawler, Kansas Tornado
Montague, Dick                         Cowboy
Montana, Lenny                        Bull
Montoya, Aldo                           Man O War
Montoya, Don                            Dirty
Moose Cholak                            Golden, Yukon
Morelli, Al                                   Cyclone
Morelli, Tony                              Tough, Madman
Morgan, Ben                              Big
Morgan, David                           Tank
Morgan, Donovan                      Future Legend
Morgan, Jim                               The Blacksmith
Morgan, J.T.                               The Spider
Morgan, Toar                              Tennessee Tornado
Mortier, Hans                               The Great
Mosca, Angelo                             King Kong
Mr. Moto                                      The Bull
Muhammad Ali                             The Greatest
Muldoon, Haystack                       Original Hillbilly
Muldoon, William                           Iron Duke, Solid Man
Muraco, Don                                 Magnificent, The Rock
Murdoch, Dick                              Captain Redneck
Myers, Hack                                 Shah of ECW, Shah of Extreme
Myers, Rick                                  Loco
Myers, Sonny                               Mr. Texas
Nash, Kevin                                 Big Sexy the Giant Killer, Big Sexy, K-Dogg
Natale, Ernest                              Slugger
Neidhart, Jim                                The Anvil
Nelis, John                                   Mr. Belgium
Nelson, Bobby                             Clipper Boy
Nelson, Chris                               Classy, Casanova
Newman, Leo                               Lion, Leo the Lion
Niemi, Ron                                   Hardcore Giant
Nolan, Bruce                                Legs
Norton, Scott                                Flapjack
Norton, Tommy                            Mr. Flex
Oborsky, Colin H.                        The Golden Knight of Revere
Odyssey, Ray                              Surfer
Okerlund, Gene                          Mean
Okpalla, Michael                         Power Mike
Oliver, Rip                                  Crippler
Olson, Cliff                                 Swede
Orndorff, Paul                            Mr. Wonderful
Ortega, Pedro                            Mr. Cuba
Orth, Paul                                  Tarzan
Orton, Bob Jr.                            Cowboy, Battling Cowboy, Battling
Orton, Bob Sr.                            Big O
Otto, Matt                                   Double O
Outcast, The                              Human Hate Machine
Page, Dallas                               Diamond
Panny, Armond                           Mr. America
Parente, Louis                            Hard Hat Louie
Perez, Eduardo                           Argentinian Bull
Parisi, Tony                                 Cannonball, The Tenor
Parker, Billy                                 Gorilla
Parker, Frank                              The Tank
Parker, Jimmy                              Wildcat
Patera, Ken                                  Sheik
Patterson, Pat                               Pretty Boy
Patterson, Scott                            Bulldog
Pearce, Adam                               Scrap Iron, Scrap Daddy
Pencheff, George                         Bob Fitzsimmons of Wrestling
Perez, Al                                       The Latin Heartthrob
Pesek, John                                  Tiger Man, Man of 1001 Holds, Nebraska Tiger Man
Peterson, Curtis                            Spike
Pieri, Antonio                                Terrible Greek
Pillman, Brian                                Flyin, Loose Cannon
Pinto, Stanley                                Wildcat
Piper, Roddy                                 Rowdy Scot, Hot Rod
Plugg, Thurman                            Spark
Poddubny, Ivan                             Ivan the Terrible
Poffo, Lanny                                  Leaping
Poisson, Gilles                               The Fish
Powell, Dick                                    Dixie
Powers, Johnny                              Blond Adonis
Priest, Eric                                     The Underwear Model
Prince Omar                                   Whirling Dervish
Pulaski, Stan                                  Mad Russian
Pullins, Calvin                                 Princecc
Putski, Ivan                                     Polish Power
Quackenbush, Mike                        Lightning
Quartermain, Buck                          Iceman
Race, Harley                                   Handsome, Mad Dog
Rain, Chris                                      Punisher
Raines, Dick                                    Dirty
Raitz, Jeff                                        Rattlesnake
Randall, Bill                                     Sweet Daddy
Rapada, Mike                                 Colorado, Colorado Kid
Rasputin, Ivan                                 The Beard, Mad Russian
Ratchet, Rik                                    Nature Boy
Ray, Jim                                          Hippo
Razor Ramon                                 The Bad Guy
Reed, Butch                                   Hacksaw, The Natural
Reed, Lex                                       The Felon
Reed, Ron                                      Cowboy
Regal, Steven                                 Mr. Electricity, Lord, The Real Man’s Man
Reign, Jayson                                 State of the Art
Remus, Bobby                                Bruiser
Reynolds, Rocky                             Luscious God
Rheingans, Brad                             The Amateur
Rhino                                              Man Beast
Rhode, Herman                              Dutch
Rhodes, Dustin                              The Natural, The Lone Star
Rhodes, Dusty                                American Dream
Ricci, Randy                                   Rockin’
Richardson, Willie                           Da Bomb
Rich, Freddie                                 Prefered Stock
Rich, Tommy                                  Wildfire, Don
Riddle, Rock                                  Mr. Wonderful
Roberts, Buddy                              Jack
Roberts, Jake                                The Snake
Roberts, Nicola                              The Lady Giant
Roberts, Nick                                 Wildman
Roberts, Red                                 Rowdy
Robinson, Bob                              Cyclone
Robley, Buck                                 The Colonel
Rocca, Antonino                            The Television Kid, Argentina
Rocco Rock                                   Flyboy
Roche, Dorv                                  Iron Man
Rock, The                                     Brahma Bull
Rodman, Dennis                           Rodzilla, The Worm
Rodz, Johnny                                Unpredictable
Rogers, Buddy                              Blond Adonis, Atomic Blond, Nature Boy, Blond Devil
Rogers, Rip                                   Hustler
Rogers, Sonny                               Lifeguard
Romanoff, George                         Russian Wrecker
Rose, Buddy                                  Playboy, Richard Simmons of Wrestling
Rose, Frankie                                The EMT
Rose, Randy                                 Ravishing
Roselli, Mike                                  Ironman
Rosselli, Mike                                Olympian
Rude, Rick                                     Smooth Operator, Ravishing
Rush, Jack                                    Q-Ball
Russell, Bob                                  Rebel
Russo, Vince                                 Batman
Ryan, Mike                                    Red, Smiling Villain
Sabrina                                         The Wonder Girl of Wrestling
Sabu                                             The most Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal man in wrestling
Sailor White                                  Moondog
Sakata, Harold                              Odd Job
Sammartino, Bruno                       Living Legend
Samoa, Tio                                    Coconut Kid
Samson, Mike                                Iron
Sanders, Brett                                Bad Boy
Sandman, The                               Hardcore Icon
Santana, Tito                                 Chico
Santana, Willie                               Weeping
Santos, Jose                                  Kilroy
Sapphire                                        Sweet
Savage, Leo                                  Daniel Boone, Whiskers
Savage, Randy                              Rotten, Macho Man, Macho King
Savoldi, Angelo                              Granite Chin
Savoldi, Joseph                              Jumpin’ Joe
Sawyer, Buzz                                  Mad Dog
Sbraccia, Erich                               Suicide
Schofro, Frank                                Bosco
Schroll, Frankie                              Man of a 1000 Holds
Schulz, David                                  Dr. D
Schwartz, Abe                                Knuckleball
Scott, George                                The Great Scott
Seecheck, Tom                              Terrible
Severn, Dan                                  The Beast
Sexton, Frank                                The Sedalis Cyclone
Sexton, Ricky                                 Pretty Boy
Shaft, Tom                                     Boogaloo
Shamrock, Ken                              World’s Most Dangerous Man, Leader of the Lion’s Den
Sharpe, Ben                                   Big
Sharpe, Larry                                 Pretty Boy
Sharpe, Mike                                  Iron
Shire, Roy                                      Professor
Shultz, David                                  Redneck, Dr. D
Sierra, Fidel                                   Cuban Assassin
Simmons, Ron                               All American
Simpson, Catherine                       The Great
Singh, Joginder                              Tiger
Singh, Nanjo                                   Mad Hindu
Singh, Rhonda                               Monster Ripper
Skoaland, Arnold                           Golden Boy
Slater, Dick                                    Unpredictable, Diry
Slatton, Don                                   The Lawman
Slave Girl Moolah                           Little Wildcat
Slick                                               Doctor of Style, Reverend
Smiley, Norman                              Screamin’
Smith, Bison                                   Baby Bull
Smith, Davey Boy                           British Bulldog
Smith, Harry                                   Georgia Boy
Smith, Jimmy                                  Rocky
Smooth, Chuck E.                          Britany Spears’ Boyfriend, Creative Genius of Pro
Snow, Al                                         Simply Sensational
Snow, Mitch                                    Jammin’
Snuka, Jimmy                                 Superfly
Solie, Gordon                                The Dean of Professional Wrestling, The Walter Cronkite
                                                   of Professional Wrestling
Somers, Doug                                Pretty Boy
Somers, Shane                              Showtime
Song, Pak                                      Korean Killer
Sonnenberg, Gus                          Dynamite
South, George                               Gorgeous
Spicolli, Louie                                Cutie Pie
Spinks, Leon                                 Neon Leon
Stalin, Joe                                     Russian Bear
Stanlee, Gene                               Glamour Kid, Chicago Adonis, Golden Apollo, Mr.
Starks, Frankie                             Mr. Adonis
Star, Michael                                The L.A. Connection
Stasiak, Stan                                The Man, Crusher
Steamboat, Rick                           Steamer, The Dragon
Steele, George                             The Animal
Steele, Jake                                  The Real Deal
Steele, Jim                                    Iron Man, Jungle
Steel, Rod                                    Miami Pound Machine
Steiner, Rick                                 Dogfaced Gremlin
Steiner, Scott                                Master of the Frankensteiner, Big Poppa Pump, White
                                                   Thunder, Big Bad Booty Daddy, Genetic Freak
Steinke, Hans                               German Oak
Stern, Ray                                    Thunder
Stevens, L.A.                                The Lunatic
Stevens, Ray                                Crippler
Stewart, Jonnie                             Illustrious
Stewart, Nell                                  Little Nell, Nasty
Sting                                             Stinger
Stojack, Frank                               King of Wrestling
Stone, Tom                                   Rocky
Storm, Devon                                Dangerous, The Dangerous One
Stovall, Mark                                 Outlaw
Strode, Woody                             Goliath
Strong, Steve                               Superstar
Strongbow, Jules                         Ghost Dancer
Studd, John                                 Big
Studd, Ron                                  TCW Giant
Sullivan, Dave                              Evad
Sullivan, Ernie                              Outlaw
Sullivan, Kevin                             Prince of Darkness, Games Master
Sullivan, Mike                               Iron, Marvelous
Sullivan, John L.                           Roxbury Strong Boy
Super Crazy                                 Insane Luchadore
Sutton, Ronnie                             Silver Bullet
Sweetan, Bob                              Bruiser, Mr. Piledriver
Tajiri, Yoshihiro                           Japanese Buzzsaw
Talun, Wladislaw                         Iron
Tatum, John                                Hollywood
Taylor, Allan                                Ace
Taylor, Brad                                Boy Toy
Taylor, Greg                                Gentleman
Taylor, Terry                               The Taylor Made Man
Taz                                              The Human Suplex Machine
Tenay, Mike                                The Professor
Tennant, O.L.                              Dutch, The Flying Dutchman
Terry, Jack                                   The Hatchet Man, Judo
Thesz, Lou                                  Babe Ruth of Wrestling, Iron Man
Thomas, Art                                Seaman, Sailor
Thomas, Shag                             King Toby
Tillet, Maurice                              The Angel
Tillet, Louie                                  King
Timbs, Ken                                  Gentleman, Mr. Class
Todd, Ernie                                 Big Kahuna
Tolos, John                                 Golden Greek
Tolos, Mike                                 The Greek
Torres, Enrique                          Jack the Giant Killer
Townsend, Frank                        Farmer Boy
Tucker, Al                                   Dragon, Gentleman
Tyler, Buzz                                  Avalanche
Uecker, Bob                                Mr. Baseball
Unger, Daffney                           Scream Queen
Vachon, Maurice                        Mad Dog
Vachon, Paul                              Butcher
Vadalfi, Oreste                           Spanish Bone Crusher
Vader                                         Mastadon
Valentine, Greg                          The Hammer
Valentine, Johnny                       Blond Bombshell
Valiant, Jimmy                            Boogie Woogie Man, Handsome
Valiant, Johnny                           Luscious
Van Dam, Rob                           Mr. Monday Night, The Whole F****** Show, R.V.D.
Venis, Val                                   The Pornstar
Ventura, Jesse                           The Body, The Mind
Verdi, Antonio                            Count
Vicious, Sid                                Psycho, The Original Psycho, Y2S
Von Erich, Fritz                          The Claw
Von Erich, Kerry                        Modern-Day Warrior, Texas Tornado
Wagner, Bob                             Strangler
Walcott, Joe                               Jersey
Walge, Art                                  Dreamboat
Walker, Bobby                           Hard Work
Walker, Lenn                             Shootfighter
Wall, Evelyn                               The Texas Terror
Wampler, Earl                            Pappy
Wanz, Otto                                 King
Ware, Koko B.                           Birdman
Washburn, Jack                         Little
Watson, Billy                              Whipper, Canadian Colossus
Watts, Bill                                   Cowboy
Weathley, Robert                       Hercules
Weaver, Johnny                         Ace
Webb, Johnny                            White Trash
Wells, George                            Master G
Whatley, Pez                              Pistol
White, Bill                                  Rebel
White, Ed                                  Bull, Strangler
White, Leon                              Bull Power
Wiggins, Elmer                         The Great
Williams, Al                               Gangster
Williams, Dale                          Playboy
Williams, Doug                         The Anarchist
Williams, Steve                         Dr. Death
Wilson, Dan                              The Dragon
Wilson, George                        Wildcat
Windsor, Adam                        The Royal Stud of Royal Blood
Wiskoski, Ed                            Easy
Woodruff, Gil                           Gator
Woodworth, Gil                        Gator Man
Wray, Jim                                Hippo
Wrenn, Scottie                        Ticking Time Bomb
Wright, Alex                             Das Wunderkind
Wright, Jim                               Frankenstein, Riot Call
Wright, Rube                            Killer
Youngblood, Chris                   Medicine Man
Yukon Eric                                King of the Arctic
Yumed, Ali                                The Terrible Turk
Zaharias, Chris                         Pueblo Meanie
Zaharias, George                      Wild Goat of the Rockies, Cry Baby
Zaharias, Gus                           Babe
Zaharias, Tom                           Bad Boy, Terrible
Zaikin, Ivan                                Strongest Man in the World
Zbyszko, Larry                          Living Legend
Zbyszko, Wladek                       Young Zbyszko
Zeke, Tugger                            Tennessee Hillbilly
Zenk, Tom                                 Z-Man
Zeus                                          The Human Wrecking Machine
Zim, Bill                                     Wild
Zumhofe, Buck                         Rock and Roll

The Baillargeon Brothers were collectively known as the “Strongest Family in the World.”
The Fabulous Freebirds were known as the “Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band of All-Time.”
The Insane Clown Posse are known as “I.C.P.”
The Southern Boys were known as the “Wild-eyed Southern Boys.”
The Zaharias Clan is collectively known as the “Cripple Creek Terrors.”

Research by Tim Hornbaker
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