Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, January 3, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Blacksmith Pedigo b. “Count” Pedro Rossi (2/3) … Joe Dillman b.
Schoolboy Knox (2/3) … Lon Chaney and Johnny Marr drew (30:00) … (promoter:  
Walter E. Ullman)
Notes:  The Nashville Banner stated that Rossi “for some reason or other wears a beret,
monocle, and other Countish paraphernalia.” Dillman was from Birmingham.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, January 8, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … George Zaharias b. Roland Kirchmeyer (Kirchmeyer was unable to
continue) … Ray Steele b. Karl Davis (2/3) (third fall by DQ) … Leo Numa and Cy
Williams drew (30:00)  … (promoter:  Jack Price Jones) … (referee:  Chock Harper)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, January 10, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Johnny Marr b. Lon Chaney … Otto Ludwig b. Buck Lawson … Ray
Meyers b. Gayle Bird … (promoter:  W.E. Ullman)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, January 15, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … George Zaharias b. The Black Secret (2/3) … Cy Williams b. Rudy
Strongberg (2-0) (Strongberg had an injured arm) … Roland Kirchmeyer and Leo Numa
drew (30:00)
Note:  This was said to be Strongberg’s first loss in 12 matches here.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, January 17, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Count Rossi vs. Otto Ludwig … Joe Dillman vs. Johnny Marr …
Eddie Baker vs. Ray Meyers … (promoter:  W.E. Ullman)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, January 22, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … The Black Secret b. George Tragos (2/3) … Roland Kirchmeyer b.
Cy Williams … Frank Speer and Rudy Strongberg drew (30:00)
Notes:  The Nashville Banner called the Black Secret-Tragos match to be a “very low-
class exhibition,” and that “Tragos was a disappointent.  Starting as a ‘villain,’ he played
the role so poorly that Blackie took it over, choking and kicking the Greek, who of course
became the good-hearted, clean-living man after that.”

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, January 24, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Johnny Marr b. Charley Sinkey (2/3) … Joe Dillman b. Otis Headrick
(2-0) … Schoolboy Knox b. Ray Meyer (Meyer was a substitute for Duck McFarlane)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, February 5, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … World Heavyweight Champion Danno O’Mahoney b. John Paul
Jones (2-0) … Pat O’Shocker b. The Black Secret … Benny Ginsberg and Tommy Marvin
drew (30:00) … (promoter:  Jack Price Jones) … (referee:  Charles Rentrop) … (nearly
2,500 fans)
Notes:  Orville Brown was called “certainly the most popular wrestler to show here in the
last year.  Brown is a member of that not-too-exclusive club composed of wrestlers
considered qualified to take over O’Mahoney’s title when he drops it,” according to the
Nashville Banner.  Brown was undefeated locally in the “past year or so.” Brown was
initially selected to wrestle O’Mahoney, but was replaced by John Paul Jones.  
Reportedly, in Birmingham on Monday,  against George Zaharias and in Atlanta on
Tuesday against Dorve Roche, O’Mahoney won his matches when his opponent went
either over or through the ring ropes and was unable to continue.  After the show, Bob
McGaw of the Banner stated that O’Mahoney “lacks box office appeal” and that of the
nearly 2,500 to see the show, “not many of them would pay to see him again.” McGaw
also wrote “O’Mahoney appeared no stronger, no faster, no smarter than several of the
men who make the whirl through Nashville every month or so.  There was nothing
spectacular about him.  He is big and much handsomer than the usual wrestler, but not
big enough nor handsome enough to win a championship on those qualities.” Rentrop,
who “promotes wrestling in Memphis and Chattanooga,” said that Bill Lee “will win the title
eventually, but he is too green now.”

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, February 7, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Johnny Marr b. Joe Dillman (2/3) (third fall by DQ) … Roy Welch b.
Cowboy McEwen … Chief Barfoot b. Mike Schippel (DQ)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, February 14, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Johnny Marr b. Gus Pappas (2-0) … Cowboy McEwen b. Otto
Ludwig (DQ) … Verne Clark and Freddie Knichel drew

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, February 19, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Pat O’Shocker b. Ray Steele (2/3) … Rudy Strongberg b. Bob
Wagner (2/3) … Benny Ginsberg b. Pat McClary … (promoter:  Jack Price Jones) …
(sponsored by:  American Legion)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, February 21, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Cowboy McEwen b. Otto Ludwig (2/3) … Roy Welch b. Gus Pappas
(DQ) … Freddie Knichel (Knickel) b. Eddie O’Shea

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, February 26, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Jack Warner b. Benny Ginsberg … Leo Numa b. Frank Speer (DQ)
… Rudy Strongberg b. George Mansor
Notes:  Jack Warner was a substitute for the Black Secret, who “wired [promoter] Jones
that his son was ill.” The venue was on West End Avenue.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, March 11, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Orville Brown b. John Paul Jones (2-0) (Brown won the first fall, and
both men were counted out during the second fall) (the referee then gave the match to
Brown, stating that Jones had lost two falls, and Brown only one, being counted out) …
Pat O’Shocker b. Pete Schuh (2-0) (first fall by DQ) … Karl Davis and Dorv Roche drew
(30:00) … (promoter:  Jack Price Jones) … (referee:  Chock Harper) … (1,700 fans)
Note:  No show next week.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, March 13, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Freddie Knickel b. Otto Ludwig (DQ) … Johnny Marr b. Gus
Pappas (2/3) … Charley Layden b. Benny Mathis … (promoter:  Walter E. Ullman)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, March 25, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Orville Brown b. Gus Sonnenberg (2/3) … Pete Schuh b. Harry
Newman … Count Zarynoff b. Babe Zaharias … (promoter:  Jack Price Jones) …
(“packed” house)
Notes:  Schuh was called a protege of Ed “Strangler” Lewis.  The Brown-Sonnenberg
match was called “one of the best sponsored by the American Legion here in some time.”

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, March 27, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Count Pedro Rossi b. Otto Ludwig (Ludwig was shaved after the
… Johnny Marr vs. Roy Welch … Joe Dillman vs. Cowboy McEwen
Note:  The loser of the Rossi-Ludwig match was going to have their whiskers shaved in
the ring.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, April 1, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Orville Brown b. Pat O’Shocker (2-0) (second fall by DQ) … Cliff
Olson and Ray Steele drew (1-1) … Count Zarynoff b. Jimmy Morris … (promoter:  Jack
Price Jones) … (referee:  Fritz Crane)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, April 3, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Johnny Marr b. Roy Welch (2/3) … Charley Vaden b. Jack Purdue
by reverse decision DQ … Joe Dillman and Charley Layden drew (60:00) … (promoter:  
Walter E. Ullman)
Notes:  The Nashville Banner, in its March 28, 1936 newspaper, stated that Rossi was
going to get married in the ring on “next Friday night’s show,” which would have been
here.  It was going to occur after his match “in full view of all paying customers.” However,
in advertisements for this show as the date approached, there were no further mentions
of a wedding, or even having Rossi appear on the program.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, April 8, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Orville Brown b. Leo Numa (2/3) … Ray Steele b. Cliff Olson (2/3)
(third fall by countout) … Count Zarynoff b. Eddie Newman … (promoter:  Jack Price
Jones) … (referee:  Fritz Crane)
Note:  Zarynoff was called the “semibald, pudgy Russian veteran.”

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, April 10, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Charley Layden b. Leo Milo … Floyd Bird and Freddie Knickel drew
(60:00) (Bird was a substitute for Tommy Tassos) … Johnny Jones b. Paul Morrison
Note:  Bird was from Louisville.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, April 15, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Orville Brown and Count Zarynoff drew (90:00) (1-1) … Dick Raines
vs. Pete Schuh … Jack Morgan b. Marshall Blackstock (7:00) (Blackstock was a
substitute for Cliff Olson)
Notes:  Morgan was said to be a “local boy.” When Dick Raines didn’t initially arrive due
to car problems, Morgan was said to have volunteered to wrestle again, and began a
semifinal bout against Schuh.  Raines then arrived, ran to the ring, and pushed Morgan
from the ring.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, April 17, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Charley Layden b. Jack Purdin (2/3) … Freddie Knickel b. Ace
Freeman … Bobby Sampson b. Floyd Byrd

*On Wednesday, April 22, 1936 in Atlanta, Orville Brown wrestled Danno O’Mahoney to a
90-minute draw.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, April 22, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Jack Morgan b. Louis Thesz (2/3) … Count Zarynoff b. Leo Numa
… Johnny Morris and Eddie Newman drew (30:00) … (promoter:  Jack Price Jones)
Note:  Morgan has been “a Nashville resident for the past month.”

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, April 24, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Freddie Knickel b. Bobby Sampson (2/3) … Joe Dillman b. Charley
Layden … Billy Venable b. Lee Boyd
Notes:  Knickel was called the “trickiest wrestler among the group which frequent the
Hippodrome,” and “owns, by far, the most impressive winning streak of them all.”

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, April 29, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Orville Brown b. Count Zarynoff (2-0) … The Black Secret (Pat
Fraley) and Pete Schuh drew (1-1) … Jack Morgan b. Marshall Blackstock (DQ) (second
round) (boxing match) (… (promoter:  Jack Price Jones) … (sponsored by:  American
Legion Athletic Club)
Notes:  During the second fall of his match with Schuh, Pat Fraley tore off his mask.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, May 6, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Pat Fraley b. Pete Schuh (2-0) (first fall by DQ) … Cliff Olson b.
Boris Dimitroff (2/3) … Lee Hiatt and Jack Morgan drew … (Promoter:  Jack Price Jones)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, May 8, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Rex Mobley b. Bill Rush (2/3) … Sailor Olsen and Roy Welch drew
(60:00)  … Charley Layden b. Speedy Simmons
Note:  Welch was originally booked to face Sailor Brooks.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, May 13, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Pat Fraley b. Cliff Olson (2/3) … Leo Numa b. Eddie Newman (2-0)
(first fall by DQ) … Lee Hiatt (Hyatt) and Jack Warner drew (30:00) … (promoter:  Jack
Price Jones)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, May 15, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Bill Rush b. Charley Layden (2/3) … Rex Mobley b. Billy Venable (2-
0) … Bobby Sampson b. Henry Firpo (DQ)
Note:  Henry Firpo “claims kin with a more famous Firpo, Louis Angel.”

Nashville, Tennessee:  Thursday, May 21, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Bill Lee b. Eddie Newman (2-0) … Karl Davis and Dorv Roche were
both counted out … Frank Brown and Pete Schuh drew … (promoter:  Jack Price Jones)
Note:  Said to be Lee’s “fifth straight match without the loss of a fall.”

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, May 22, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Rex Mobley b. Eddie Baker (2/3) … Roy Welch b. Bill Rush (2-0) …
Tommy Tassos b. Henry Firpo

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, September 4, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Johnny Marr b. Charley Sinkey (Sinkey was unable to continue) …
Fred Lassiter b. Lee Meyers … George Pegorskey b. Rex Mobley
Note:  D.A.V. light heavyweight wrestling show.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Monday, September 7, 1936
(Cumberland Park) … Boxing and Wrestling Show … Jackie Jenkins vs. Bobby Sanders
(four-round boxing match) … Babe Etheridge vs. Roughhouse Ross (wrestling) … Iron
Man Brown vs. Bobby Smith (wrestling) … Jack Mitchell vs. Bob Shady (wrestling) …
(sponsored by:  American Federation of Labor)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, September 9, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Orville Brown b. Tommy O’Toole … Jim Clinstock b. Cliff Thiede
(2/3) … Dick Lever b. Al Maynard … (promoter:  Jack Price Jones)
Note:  O’Toole was a replacement for Chief Chewacki, who was injured.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, September 11, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Johnny Marr b. Johnny LiGorski (2/3) … Roy Welch b. Dave Miller
… Charlie Vaden b. Doc Poole

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, September 18, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Charley Sinkey b. Schoolboy Knox … Eddie Wayland (Weyland) b.
Charley Vaden … Dynamite Laye b. Joe Dorsetti

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, September 23, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Billy Bartush (Bartusch) b. Dick Raines (DQ) (after referee Harpe
was knocked out, Brown substituted) … Ted Key and Rudy LaDitzi drew … Tommy O’
Toole b. Vic Muhl … (promoter:  Jack Price Jones) … (referee:  Chock Harper, Orville
Notes:  Said to be the fall opener.  According to the Nashville Banner, Key played football
at UCLA last fall.  “He was ruled ineligible in the middle of the season afer he had been a
leading factor in his team’s win over Stanford, 1935 Rose Bowl representative.” Key left
Nashville for Philadelphia, reportedly.  Key told the paper, “I’m in it (wrestling) for the
money.  With my present size, I can’t hope to throw any of the big shots.  They are too
large for me.  If I can get a little money, I will be satisfield to go back home and try my
hand in business.  Sure I like wrestling, but I hope for something better.”

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, September 25, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Don McNaught b. Herman Wayland (2/3) … Johnny Marr b. George
Ligorski … The Masked Marvel and Schoolboy Knox drew
Note:  Wayne was “once a candidate for the Knoxville High School football team.”

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, October 9, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Eddie Baker vs. Roy Welch (2/3) … George LiGorski vs. Cowboy
McEwen … Johnny LaRue vs. Rex Mobley

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, October 14, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … George Zaharias b. Roland Kirchmeyer (2/3) … Am Rascher b.
Nick Elitch (2/3) … Tommy O’Toole and Babe Zaharias drew … (promoter:  Jack Price
Note:  The Nashville Banner called Zaharias “Gorgeous George.”

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, October 16, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Eddie Baker b. George LiGorski (2-0) … Cowboy McEwen b.
George Watkins (2/3) … Joe Dorsetti b. Buck Lawson

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, October 23, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Lon Chaney b. Johnny Marr … Roy Welch b. Cowboy McEwen (2/3)
… Ernie Duggan b. George Watkins

*Due to a problem with the microfilm reel, it was impossible to retrieve the shows for the
latter part of October 1936 from the Nashville Banner.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, November 4, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Dorv Roche b. Blue Sun Jennings (2/3) … Frank Brown b. Jimmy
Morris … Milo Steinborn b. Cliff Thiede (Thiede was a substitute for Am Rascher) …
(promoter:  Jack Price Jones)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, November 6, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Lon Chaney vs. Lee Meyers … Blacksmith Pedigo vs. Johnny
LaRue … Count Rossi vs. George Watkins

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, November 11, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Orville Brown vs. Hans Steinke … Len Macaluso vs. Dorv Roche …
Blue Sun Jennings vs. Milo Steinborn … (promoter:  Jack Price Jones)

*In Fred Russell’s column “Sideline Sidelights” in the Nashville Banner (11/11/1936), he
wrote, “They say Bronko Nagurski could be heavyweight wrestling champion if he would
give up football.”

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, November 13, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Lon Chaney b. Count Rossi … Blacksmith Pedigo b. Irish McGee
(2/3) … Eddie Mueller b. Swede Olsen

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, November 18, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Jim McMillen and Hans Steinke drew (1-1) … Blue Sun Jennings b.
Frank Speer (2-0) … Milo Steinborn b. Cy Williams … (promoter:  Jack Price Jones)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, November 20, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Roy Welch b. Lon Chaney (2/3) … George Watkins b. Lee Myers
(2/3) (DQ in the third fall) … Irish McGhee b. Ace Freeman

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, November 25, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … World Heavyweight champion Dean Detton b. Hans Steinke
(Steinke suffered a leg injury and was unable to continue) … Orville Brown b. Blue Sun
Jennings (2/3) … Jack League b. Tommy Marvin … (promoter:  Jack Price Jones)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, November 27, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Eddie Baker vs. Rex Mobley … Blacksmith Pedigo vs. Indian
Arquette … Lee Meyers vs. Ray Meyers … (D.A.V. Light Heavyweight wrestling show)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, December 4, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Rex Mobley b. Johnny LaRue (2-0) … Indian Arquette b. George
Watkins … Cowboy McEwen and Lee Myers drew

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, December 9, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Milo Steinborn vs. Hans Steinke … Tommy O’Toole vs. Dorv Roche
… Jack League vs. Babe Zaharias … (promoter:  Jack Price Jones)
Note:  Fifty newsboys of the Nashville Banner newspaper were guests of the promoter.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, December 11, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … World Middleweight champion Gus Kallio b. Gordon Arquette (2-0)
… Rex Mobley b. Lee Meyers … Cowboy McEwen b. Johnny LaRue

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, December 16, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Hans Steinke b. Tiny Ruff (2-0) … Blue Sun Jennings b. George
Hagen (2/3) … Roland Kirchmeyer b. Eddie Newman (DQ) (15:00) … (promoter:  Jack
Price Jones)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, December 18, 1936
(The Hippodrome) … Rex Mobley b. Joe Dillman (2/3) (third fall by DQ) … Blacksmith
Pedigo b. Joe Kirk … Hack (Pat) O’Dowdy b. George Watkins

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Nashville Wrestling Results - 1936