Nashville, Tennessee:  Tuesday, April 16, 1935
(The Hippodrome) ... Joe Gunther b. Gus Kallio to capture the World Middleweight Title
Note:  Gunther was a replacement for McBride, who was injured.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, November 27, 1935
(The Hippodrome) … Rudy Strongberg b. Tommy Marvin (boxer vs. wrestler match) …
Tommy Marvin b. Whitey Brexler (Marvin worked as a wrestler) … Dorv Roche b. Tiny
Morgan (2-0) … Ellis Bashara and Jack Kennedy drew … (promoter:  Jack Price Jones)
… (sponsored by:  American Legion)
Notes:  “Chief Thomas Marvin” was called “one of the “leading citizens of Columbia,
Tenn.” He was said to be a “powerful Cherokee Indian.” He was called a boxer against
Strongberg, the grappler, and in press, the Ray Steele-Kingfish Levinsky bout, which was
held last week, was mentioned.  This was built up as a mixed match, boxer vs. wrestler.  
Morgan was originally booked to wrestle Cy Williams.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, November 29, 1935
(The Hippodrome) … Count Rossi b. Lefty Williams (2-0) … Freddie Knickel b. Schoolboy
Knox (2/3) … Roy Welch b. Johnny Marr

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, December 4, 1935
(The Hippodrome) … Dorv Roche b. Cliff Olson (DQ) … Karl Davis b. Jules Strongbow …
Jack Kennedy and Rudy Strongberg drew … (promoter:  Jack Price Jones)
Note:  Davis was called “one of the roughest grapplers in the game and his suspension
by the local commission was lifted only a few months ago.”

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, December 6, 1935
(The Hippodrome) … Lon Chaney b. Count Rossi (DQ) … Gayle Bird b. Joe Dillard (2-0)
… Jimmy Parker b. Charles Tomzak
Note:  The newspaper called Dillard, “Willard.”

Nashville, Tennessee:  Saturday, December 7, 1935
(YMCA) … Amateur Boxing and Wrestling Show … Epperson vs. Sweatland (wrestling) …
Martin vs. Williams (wrestling) … Bingham vs. Christopher (boxing) … Akin vs. Beerman
(boxing) … Huffine vs. Wolfe (boxing) … Doody vs. Shea (boxing) … Finney vs. Raymer

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, December 11, 1935
(The Hippodrome) … Dorv Roche b. Billy Burns (Burns was a substitute for Cliff Olson,
who was sick) … Joe Cox b. Tommy Marvin … Karl Davis b. Bill Middlekauf … (promoter:  
Jack Price Jones)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, December 13, 1935
(The Hippodrome) … Schoolboy Knox b. Count Rossi (DQ) … Lon Chaney and Johnny
Marr drew … Ray Myers b. Freddie Knickel

Nashville, Tennessee:  Wednesday, December 18, 1935
(The Hippodrome) … Orville Brown b. Karl Davis (2/3) … Joe Cox b. Jack Kennedy …
Dick Raines and Cy Williams drew … (promoter:  Jack Price Jones)
Notes:  It was stated that John Paul Jones, who was to meet Orville Brown in the main
event, was unable to show “on account of the death of his father.” The Nashville Banner
stated that “Brown is regarded in some sections as a worthy contender for the world’s
championship, now in possession of one Danno O’Mahoney.” No show next week.

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, December 20, 1935
(The Hippodrome) … Charley Sankey won a five-man wrestle royal (32:00) (number
eliminated: Ray Myers, Count Rossi, Roy Welch, Gayle Bird) … Joe Dillman b. Johnny
Marr (2/3) … (sponsored by:  Disabled American Veterans)

Nashville, Tennessee:  Friday, December 27, 1935
(The Hippodrome) … Joe Dillman b. Bob Williams (2-0) … Schoolboy Knox b. Charley
Vadden (2/3) … Buck Lawson b. Gayle Bird (23:00) … (sponsored by:  Disabled
American Veterans)
Note:  Vadden was said to be a newcomer.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
January 2, 2011
Nashville Wrestling Results - 1935