The Catholic Club in Anaconda, Montana wanted to bring in Professor Lucien M. Christol
for an appearance on March 6, 1901.  Christol was a wrestler, wrestling instructor, and also
taught boxing, club swinging, and fencing.  In the past, he's wrestled Tom Cannon, Joe
Acton, Duncan C. Ross, Evan "Strangler" Lewis, and Col. McLaughlin.

On Thursday, February 27, 1902, Montana State champion Jack Curran beat George
McLaughlin in Great Falls after five falls.  Curran won the second, fourth and fifth falls to
beat the former state king.

Joe Stecher was scheduled to wrestle William Demetral in Butte, Montana on Tuesday,
March 21, 1916, but the bout was postponed when the latter failed to arrive from Los
Angeles.  Demetral wanted to last longer against Stecher than he had against Frank
Gotch, who beat him in 57 minutes at Los Angeles recently.

Jack Ganson took over the local Helena promotion, according to the Helena Independent
Record on Wednesday, July 18, 1945.  He was replacing Tom Alley and starting in the late
summer or early fall.

The Helena Independent Record (4-6-46) reported that King Kong Clayton was opening a
Sportsman's Club in Helena at 101 Main Street that Saturday night.  The paper stated that
George Schnabel was working with him in the new business.  In the announcement of the
grand opening, it stated that there would be free cigars for the men, free flowers for the
ladies, and "Your Favorite Drinks Mixed by Geo. Schnabel."

On Sunday, April 7, 1946, the Helena Independent-Record announced that Jerry Meeker
of Tulsa was the new promoter and matchmaker in the city for the Jaycees.  He was going
to start on April 15 at the Civic Center Auditorium.  On Sunday, May 12, 1946, the
newspaper reported that Meeker was returning to the ring, and turned over the
promotional reins to his father, Cliff Meeker.

The Billings Gazette (Billings, MT) on Sunday, September 26, 1948 reported that C.H.
Meeker of Great Falls purchased the local promotion from William Shirrah (Shirah).  
Meeker was the father of Jerry Meeker, a well known wrestler, and planned to move to
Billings soon.  The next show was on October 4, 1948 at the Billings Sports Arena.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Montana Wrestling Territory