Memphis, Tennessee:  Monday, January 6, 1958
(Ellis Auditorium) … Bill Longson b. Joe Tangaro (2/3) … Tor Yamato b. Reggie Parks …
Chief Little Eagle b. Pat Malone … Ginger the Bear and Red Roberts drew

Memphis, Tennessee:  Monday, January 13, 1958
(Ellis Auditorium) … Reggie Parks b. Ken Kenneth in a Wrestle Royal final (2/3) (number
of elimination was Leo Wallick, Joe Tangaro, Butch Boyette and Chief Kit Fox) …
Theresa Theis b. Princess Vampire (DQ) … Joe Tangaro and Leo Wallick wrestled to a
draw … Chief Kit Fox b. Butch Boyette (2-0)

Memphis, Tennessee:  Monday, January 20, 1958
(Ellis Auditorium) … Ken Kenneth b. Bill Longson (2/3) (third by DQ) … Fred Blassie and
Leo Wallick drew (1-1) … Butch Boyette b. Chief Kit Fox (2/3) … Don Lee b. Tommy O’
Toole (30 seconds)

Memphis, Tennessee:  Monday, January 27, 1958
(Ellis Auditorium) … Herb Welch b. Butch Boyette (2-0) … Ken Kenneth b. Bill Longson
(Texas Tornado Match) (Longson was unable to continue after the sixth fall) … Billy
Wicks b. Leo Wallick (DQ) … Don Lee b. Tarzan Hewitt

Memphis, Tennessee:  Monday, February 3, 1958
(Ellis Auditorium) … Bill Longson and Herb Welch b. Ken Kenneth and Leo Wallick (2-0)
(first fall by DQ) … Ella Waldek b. Peggy Johnson (2/3) (it was reported that it was
Waldek’s first match “since an injury two years ago) … Don Lee b. John Smith (2-0)

Memphis, Tennessee:  Monday, February 17, 1958
(Ellis Auditorium) … Bill Longson b. Don Lee (2-0) (Longson used a piledriver for the
second fall, which had been previously reported as being illegal in Tennessee) … The
Mighty Atlas b. Joe Scarpa (2/3) … Guy LaRose b. Frank “Tarzan” Hewitt … Boris Zukhov
b. Billy Wicks

Memphis, Tennessee:  Monday, February 24, 1958
(Ellis Auditorium) … NWA World Heavyweight Champion Dick Hutton b. Bill Longson (2-0)
(first fall by DQ) (Hutton won the second fall with a cobra twist) … Herb Welch and Tor
Yamato wrestled to a double disqualification (1-1) … The Mighty Atlas b. Boris Zukhov …
Tex Riley b. Guy LaRose

Memphis, Tennessee:  Monday, June 9, 1958
(The Auditorium) … Gorgeous George and Ray Stevens drew (1-1) (match stopped due
to blood) … Chief Little Eagle and Tona Tomah b. Corine Cordero and Miguel Torres …
Tommy O’Toole b. Johnny Walker (2-0) … (promoter:  Les Wolfe) … (referee:  Sid

Memphis, Tennessee:  Monday, June 16, 1958
(The Auditorium) … Ray Stevens b. Gorgeous George (victory in the 5th fall) … Chief
Little Eagle b. Chris Averoff (2-0) … Tommy O’Toole b. Phil Melby (14:00) … Ginger the
Wrestling Bear b. The Red Devil … (promoter:  Les Wolfe)

Research by Tim Hornbaker
September 27, 2007
Memphis Wrestling Results - 1958