Marysville, California:  Wednesday, October 29, 1958
(Cal's Square Gardens) ... (promoter:  Cal Herman)
Notes:  During the show, a fan named Addison Curtis Collins jumped into the ring and ran
at wrestler Gene DuBuque, leading to a stampede of about 15 other audience members
with the same intentions, all prepared to fight.  Police halted the riot and no one was
seriously hurt.  No arrests were made, according to the Marysville Appeal Democrat

Marysville, California:  Wednesday, December 10, 1958
(Cal's Square Garden) ... Buddy Rogers b. Gene DuBuque (2/3) ... Johnny Barend b.
George Drake ... (promoter:  Cal Herman)
Note:  DuBuque was the heel in the main event.

Marysville, California:  Wednesday, February 18, 1959
(Cal's Square Gardens) ... Red Lyons b. Vic Christy (2/3) ... George Drake and Leo
Nomellini b. Ben Sharpe and Clyde Steeves ... (promoter:  Cal Herman)
Notes:  Sharpe accompanied Lyons to the ring and attempted to help his friend several
times.  During the tag team bout, there was plenty of mayhem, and Lyons interfering on
behalf of Sharpe and Steeves.  The Appeal Democrat (2/19/59) stated that this was the
"wildest card of the 1959 season."

Marysville, California:  Wednesday, February 25, 1959
(Cal's Square Gardens) ... Red Lyons and Ben Sharpe b. George Drake and Leo
Nomellini (2/3) ... Vic Christy b. John Swenski (2/3) (Swenski was a substitute for Sky-Hi
Lee) ... (promoter:  Cal Herman)

Marysville, California:  Wednesday, October 7, 1959
(Memorial Auditorium) ... The Sharpe Brothers (Ben and Mike Sharpe) b. The Great
Lothario and Joe Swiderski (2/3) ... Ramon Torres b. Clyde Steeves ... (promoter:  Cal
Note:  No wrestling until October 28.

Marysville, California:  Wednesday, November 11, 1959
(Memorial Auditorium) ... The Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello and Roy Heffernan) b.
Ronnie Etchison and The Great Lothario (2/3) ... Red Berry b. Johnny Swiderski (2/3) ...
(promoter:  Cal Herman)

Marysville, California:  Wednesday, December 16, 1959
(Memorial Auditorium) ... Little Beaver and Tiny Tim b. Billy the Kid and Fuzzy Cupid (2/3)
... Ramon Torres b. Danny Ferrazi ... (promoter:  Cal Herman) ... (800+ fans)
Note:  Next show was expected to be January 6, 1960.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
November 18, 2010
Marysville (CA) Wrestling Results