For a period of time during World War II, there was no bigger superstar in the business than
"Wild" Bill Longson.  The longtime reigning National Wrestling Association World
Heavyweight champion, a crown he captured on three occasions, Longson proved time and
time again that he was the most successful box office attraction from St. Louis to Montreal.  
He was a tough battler, known for giving fan favorites like "Whipper" Billy Watson and Yvon
Robert a difficult time - but fans wanted to see him perform because they never knew what
he was going to do next.  He'd brawl, wrestle scientifically, and create plenty of havoc, all of
which was a tremendous show - and a true hall of famer.

Salt Lake City, Utah:  Friday, April 17, 1931
(McCullough's Arena) ... World Welterweight Champion Jack Reynolds b. Hy Sharman (2/3)
(Shaman was unable to continue in the third after sailing from the ring) ... Ira Dern b. Jack
Emmanuel (13:00) ... Dean Detton b. Jack Redd (22:00) ... Al Newman b. Bill Longson
(21:00) ... (4,000 fans)
Notes:  Bill Longson's professional debut.  Detton claimed the Pacific Coast Light
Heavyweight Title.  Sharman was trained by Ira Dern.

Braven Dyer, in his Los Angeles Times column on March 14, 1937, mentioned that Bill
Longson had been "severely injured when Man Mountain Dean made a one-point landing
on Bill's spine in an Oakland match, is up and around again, but barely able to navigate."

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Research by Tim Hornbaker
"Wild" Bill Longson Wrestling History
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