1/23/88 Knoxville Att 8000
Tony Anthony beat Wendell Cooley forfeit, Tom Prichard beat Moondog Spot, Greg
Cooley drew Carl Styles, The Bullet beat Johnny Boyd, Tracy Smothers beat Robert
Fuller, Dutch Mantell beat Danny Davis, Jimmy Golden beat steve Armstrong, Tony
Anthony beat Tom PRichard, The Bullet beat Dutch Mantell, Jimmy Golden ddq Tracy
Smothers, The Bullet beat Tony Anthony to win mink coat.

2/12/88 Knoxville
Tom Prichard beat Johnny Boyd  Buddy Landell beat The Starfighter,  The Rock & Roll
RPM’s beat Scott Armstrong & Keith Hart,  Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden & Dutch Mantel
beat The Southern Boys & Frankie Lancaster,  Mongolian Stomper beat Danny Davis,  
The Bullet beat Dirty White Boy strap match,  Doug Furnas beat Lord Humongous
stretcher match.

3/19/88 Knoxville USA Promotion
The Dog won a squash, Hector Guerrero won a squash, Scott Armstrong beat Billy Ash,
Bill Dundee beat Johnny Boyd, Rock & Roll RPMS drew Johnny & Davey Rich, The Bullet
beat Mongolian Stomper, Buddy Landel beat Doug Furnas.

5/14/88 Knoxville  USA promotion
Austin Idol beat The Moondog, Terry Gordy drew Wendall Cooley, Nelson Royal drew Bill
Dundee, RPMS beat Johnny & Davey Rich, Doug Furnas beat Buddy Landell dq,
Mongolian Stomper beat The Bullet.

7/4/88 Knoxville
Doug Furnas won USA title in tournament.

8/19/88 Knoxville
Tennesse Stud beat Mongolian Stomper to win The USA title, Johnny & Davey RIch beat
The PRMS loser leave town match, Nelson Royal beat Scott Armstrong, Doug Furnas
beat Terry Gordy, The Bullet beat Bill dundee loser leaves town, Jamie Dundee beat
Butch Cassidy midget, Lord Humongous beat The Storm Trooper, Tom Prichard drew
Dirty White Boy, The Dog (Moondog SPot) beat The Star Fighter.

9/23/88 Knoxville Att 2500
Johnny & Davey Rich beat Alan Martin & The Grappler, Tim Horner beat Dutch Mantel
dq, Tom Prichard beat Tony Anthony dq, Willie B. HErt beat Jerry Stubbs, Lord
Humongous & Shane Doulgas beat The Interns, The Bullet & Doug Furnas beat Detroit
Demolition & Pvt Mark Pyle, Ken Wayne ddq Danny Davis, The Bullet won pole battle

11/11/88 Knoxville
Dirty White Boy & Jerry Stubbs beat Davey Rich & Johnny Rich,  Danny Davis & Willie B
Hert beat Kokina & The Warrior,  Pvt. Pyle & The Stormtrooper beat Dutch Matnell & The
Starfightyer,  Alan Martin & Ken Wayne beat Tom Prichard & JohnnY Raider,  Danny
Davis & Willie B Hert beat Pvt. Pyle & The Stormtrooper,  Brad Armstrong &T eh Bullet
beat Alan Martin & Ken Wayne,  Dirty White Boy & Jerry Stubbs beat Danny Davis &
Willie B Hert,  Dirty White Boy & Jerry Stubbs beat Brad Armstrong & The Bullet to win
CWF tag titles.

Compiled and Submitted by Mike Rodgers, 2018.
Knoxville Wrestling Results - 1988