1/11/87 Knoxville
Tennessee Stud & Robert Fuller beat Headhunters.

2/8/87 Knoxville
Wendell Cooley beat Chris Colt glove match, Wendell Cooley & Doug Furness beat kevin
Sullivan & Chrsi Colt, Tom Prichard drew Lar   Çry Hamilton, Adrian Street beat Rip
Rogers, Nightmares beat Dirty White Boys loser of fall leaves town (Lynn Denton), Robert
Fuller & Tennessee STud & Jimmy Golden beat Headhunters lumberjack match.

2/27/87 Knoxville
Wendell Cooley beat Chris Von Colt pole match, Tom Pritchard beat Larry hamilton to
gain US JR hwt belt, Jim Golden & Robert Fuller beat Headhunters Texas Death match,
Kevin Sullivan beat Doug Furnas, Tennessee Stud beat Buddy Landell, Jerry Stubbs &
Tony Anthony ddq Nightmares.

3/22/87 Knoxville
Streets beat Brenda Britton & Rip Rogers, Doug FUrnas beat El Lobo, Jim Golden &
Robert Fuller beat Headhunters loser leaves town, Tom Pritchard beat Larry hamilton,
Jerry Stubbs & Tony Anthony & Shogun beat Wendell Cooley & Nightmares, Buddy
Landell beat Tenessee Stud, Tony Anthony & Jim Golden each won a battle royal.

4/11/87 Knoxville
Tom Prichard ddq Scott Casey, Mr. Wrestling II beat Shogun 1, Adrian Street beat Dutch
Mantell dq, Nightmares beat  Yuri & Vladimir Gordienko, Doug Furnas beat The Spoiler
dq, Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden beat Jery Stubbs & Tony Anthony, Buddy Landel ddq
Wendell Cooley.

5/29/87 Knoxville
Danny Davis beat Mod Squad 1, Tom Prichard drew Armstrong, Mod Squad 2 beat Mr.
Wresting II, Wendell Cooley beat El Lobo, Johnny Boyd beat Robert Fuller, Ken Wayne
beat Shogun, Tony Anthony ddq Jimmy Golden, Dutch Mantell beat Brickhouse Brown,
Danny Davis beat Tom Prichard, Wendell Cooley beat mod Squad 1, Dutch Mantell beat
Ken Wayne, Danny Davis beat Dutch Mantell, Doug Furnas beat Buddy Landel dq.

6/12/87 Knoxville
Danny Davis beat Mod Squad 1, Scott Armstrong beat Tom Prichard, Dutch Mantell beat
Mr. Wresting II, Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden beat Tony Anthony & Johnny Boyd,  Buddy
Landel beat Doug Furnas, Wendell Cooley beat Nick Bockwinkel dq.

7/17/87 Knoxville
Doug Funas beat Buddy Landel, Mr. Wrestling II beat Tom Prichard, Johnny Boyd beat
Scott Armstrong, Akil Sato beat Steve Armstrong, Mike Golden beat The Bullet,  Tony
Anthony beat Mr. Olympia, Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden beat The Nightmares dq,   
Doug Furnas beat Akio Sato, Tony Anthony beat Mr. Wrestling II, Wendell Cooley beat
Dutch Mantell.

7/31/87 Knoxville
Mr. Wrestling II beat Los Lobo, The Bullet & Steve & Scott Armstrong beat Johnny Boyd &
Mike GOlden & Tom Pritchard, Mr. Olympia beat Dirty WHite Boy, Mike Golden & Robert
Fuller beat Nightmares, Wendall Cooley beat Maneater, Doug Furnas no cotnest Dutch

8/7/87 Knoxville
Mr. Wrestling II drew Mike Golden, Johnny Boyd & Tom Pritchard beat Scott & Steve
Armstrong, Doug Furnas beat Shogun (Buddy Landell), Wendal Cooley beat Dutch
Mantel, Doug Furnas beat Dirty White Boy cage match, Robert Fuller & Mike Golden
drew Nightmares.

9/4/87 Knoxville
Tom Pritchard beat The Starfighter, Mr. Wresling II beat Johnny Boyd dq, Scott & Steve
Armstrong beat moondogs dq, The Bullet beat Mike Golden, Doug Furnas & Rockers 7
Danny Davis beat Fuller & Golden & Cooley, Doug Furnas won Thunderdome BR.

9/25/87 Knoxville
Danny Davis beat Roy Lee Welch, Doug Furnas no contest Dirty WHite BOy, Tom
Pritchard beat Mike Golden, Dutch Mantell beat The Bullet, Scott Armstrong beat The
Moondogs, Danny Davis beat Wendall Cooley dq, Midnight Rockers beat Robert Fuller &
Mike Golden, Doug Furnas beat Jimmy Golden winning Thunderdome match.

11/13/87 Knoxville
Tom Prichard beat Johnny Royor, Dutch Mantell beat Kim Burchfield, Dirty White Boy
beat Tim Reed, Southern Boys beat Johnny Boyd & New Zealand Hangman, Buddy
Landell beat Scott Peterson.

11/26/87 Knoxville
Doug Furnas beat Tony An   ïthony, Big Bubba beat Carl Styles, Humongous beat Scott
Armstrong, Tom Prichard beat Buddy Landel, Wendell Cooley beat Moondog Spot, Tracy
Smothers beat Johnny Boyd,  The Mongolian Stomper beat The Bullet, Tom Prichard
beat Lord Humongous dq, Doug Furnas beat Big Bubba, The Mongolian Stomper beat
Danny Davis, Doug Furans beat The Stomper.

12/25/87 Knoxville
The Southern Boys beat Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden dq,  Lord Humongous beat
Danny Davis to win SE title,  Wendell Cooley beat Dutch Mantell,  Doug Furnas beat
Buddy Landell.

Compiled and Submitted by Mike Rodgers, 2018.
Knoxville Wrestling Results - 1987