Kerry Von Erich (Kerry Adkisson)
Born: 3/3/60
Deceased: 3/18/93
Buried: Grove Hill Memorial Park Dallas, TX USA

“A modern day warrior, mean, mean stride, today’s Tom Sawyer, mean, mean drive…”
Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” lyrics

      This was the entrance music I remember Kerry Von Erich coming out to on his ascension
to becoming one of the youngest World’s Heavyweight Champions in pro wrestling history.

      Kerry Von Erich was a part of one of the most influential families in professional wrestling
history. His father, Fritz Von Erich, and brothers: Kevin, David, Mike and Chris were all a part
of professional wrestling (in some capacity) for the wildly popular World Class Championship
Wrestling. Kerry holds the distinction of being the only Von Erich ever to capture the coveted
NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship.

      Kerry won the title from Ric Flair, following the tragic early death of his brother David,
producing what is noted, as one of the loudest pops in pro wrestling history. Kerry is also
revered for his instrumental role in the Von Erich/ Freebird feud that ignited the territory to
world-wide recognition.  Kerry was a major player outside of Texas too, having spent time
working for the AWA and WWF as well.

      All the more remarkable is that Kerry wrestled much of his career without a foot, after
amputation was needed following a tragic motorcycle accident. The fact that he continued
wrestling without the limb, at what would arguably be considered a top level of competition,
shows a glimpse of the level of dedication that Kerry felt needed to continue his family
wrestling legacy.

      The Von Erich legacy continued in to the 2000’s as Kerry’s daughter, Lacey Von Erich,
and Kevin’s sons, Ross & Marshall have all had their try at professional wrestling.

Biography by Robert Murillo
Kerry Von Erich Wrestling History
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