Boxer Marvin Hart became a wrestler on December 25, 1906 in Louisville with a
match against welterweight champion Alex Swanson.  Swanson had to beat Hart
three-times in 60-minutes, and won the first two falls.  In the third, Hart actually beat
Swanson and won the handicap affair.

A report out of Danville, Kentucky on January 3, 1923 stated that Red Roberts was
preparing to becoming a professional wrestler.  Roberts had been a football star at
Center College for the past four years and was going to turn pro after graduation in
the spring.  He worked out in private with Ed "Strangler" Lewis, who thought highly of
him, and Lewis was going to train him.

The original wrestling "Skyscrapers" were Luke Brown and Jake Smith of Perry
County, Kentucky.  Brown served in the U.S. Marines prior to becoming a wrestler
and both men were reportedly convinced by Ike Eakins to give the sport a try.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Kentucky Wrestling Territory