George Romanoff promoted in Jacksonville.  When he was killed in a car accident
between Daytona Beach and Jacksonville in 1950, notices of his death appeared in
newspapers throughout the country.  Dan Parker of the New York Daily Mirror
mentioned his passing, which was reprinted in the Montreal Gazette (4/3/50), writing
that Romanoff's real name was "Anestis Pantelis" and he was born in Tifflis, Russia.  
He reportedly appeared "in many stage productions including the Folies Bergeres,
Jimmy Cooper's Revue and the 4th edition of Earl Carroll's Vanities." Parker also
stated that "in accordance to his wish, his ashes were scattered over Florida from
seven planes flying in a cross formation with Tiger Joe Marsh, Jimmie Murdock and
his family present."

Research by Tim Hornbaker
January 2, 2011
Jacksonville Wrestling History