Helena MT: January 6, 1948
(Civic Center, att. 1,000) … Jack McDonald & Stu Hart beat Jack Paige & Lew Laird (2-1)
… Al Mills drew Lou Newman … Billy Youdell beat King Kong Clayton

Helena MT: January 13, 1948
(Civic Center) … Lou Newman beat Jack McDonald (2-1) … Stu Hart drew Pat McGill …
Billy Youdell beat Frank McKenna

Helena MT: January 20, 1948
(Civic Center) … (WORLD TITLE MATCH) Orville Brown* beat Lou Newman (60:00, 1-0)
… George Temple beat Stu Hart … Jack Paige beat Aaron (Slim) Zimbleman (sub for
Chief Thunderbird) (dq) … NOTE: Brown continues to be recognized as “National
Wrestling ASSOCIATION” champion in the Montana & Canadian prairie precincts

Helena MT: January 27, 1948
(Civic Center) … Al Mills vs Jack McDonald … Slim Zimbleman vs Lou Newman (sub for
Chief Thunderbird) … Billy Youdell vs Stu Hart

Helena MT: February 3, 1948
(Civic Center) … (Boxing Match) Lou Newman beat Jack McDonald (KO6 of 10) … Stu
Hart beat King Kong Clayton … Al Mills beat Jack Paige (sub for Chief Thunderbird)

Helena MT: February 10, 1948
(Civic Center) … Ronnie Etchison & Lew Laird beat Al Mills & Lou Newman (2-0) … Larry
Tillman beat Stu Hart … Chief Thunderbird drew King Kong Clayton

Helena MT: February 17, 1948
(Civic Center) … Al Mills beat Lew Laird (2-1) … Larry Tillman beat Stu Hart … Ronnie
Etchison drew Lou Newman (60:00, 0-0) … Referee: Art Woods

Helena MT: February 24, 1948
(Civic Center) … Al Mills beat Lou Newman (2-1) … Earl Malone beat Stu Hart … Ronnie
Etchison beat Chief Thunderbird

Helena MT: March 2, 1948
(Civic Center) … Lou Newman drew Al Mills (dcor) … Babe Sharkey beat King Kong
Clayton … Ronnie Etchison drew Lew Laird

Helena MT: March 9, 1948
(Civic Center) … Al Mills beat Ronnie Etchison (2-0, cor) … Earl Malone drew Jim Clark
… Babe Sharkey beat Lew Laird

Helena MT: March 16, 1948
(Civic Center) … Al Mills beat Lou Newman (2-1) … Fred Blassie beat Babe Sharkey (dq)
… Johnny Marrs beat King Kong Clayton

Helena MT: March 23, 1948
(Civic Center) … Al Mills beat Lou Newman (2-1, dq) … Referee: Art Woods … Babe
Sharkey beat Joe Campbell (cnc) … Johnny Marrs drew Jim Clark

Helena MT: March 30, 1948
(Civic Center) … Lou Newman beat Joe Campbell (2-1) … (Ladies) Helen Hild beat June
Byers … Larry Tillman beat King Kong Clayton

Helena MT: July 20, 1948
(Civic Center) … Swedish Angel beat Jerry Meeker (2-0) … Pat McGill beat Stu Hart (2-1)
… (Ladies) Dot Dotson beat Lillian Ellison … NOTE: Earl Malone presented this as a
special civic swimming pool benefit show.

Helena MT: August 31, 1948
(Civic Center) … Swedish Angel & Jerry Meeker vs King Kong Clayton & Earl Malone …
NOTE: This is the season opener for Earl Malone’s promotion.

Helena MT: September 7, 1948
(Civic Center) … Jerry Meeker drew Earl Malone (nc) … Abe Yourist drew Stu Hart … Al
Mills beat Pantaleon Manlapig

Great Falls MT: September 8, 1948
Mike Mazurki beat Lou Newman

Helena MT: September 14, 1948
(Civic Center) … Mike Mazurki vs Al Mills … Abe Yourist vs Pat McGill … Stu Hart vs Juan

Helena MT: September 21, 1948
(Civic Center) … Don Sugai beat Tiger Joe Marsh (sub for Pat McGill) … Al Mills beat
Abe Yourist … Juan Hernandez drew King Kong Clayton

Helena MT: September 29, 1948 (Wednesday)
(Civic Center) … (Judo Jacket Match) Don Sugai vs Frank Marconi … Lou Newman vs
Juan Hernandez … Larry Tillman vs Stu Hart

Helena MT: October 4, 1948 (Monday)
(Civic Center) … Tiger Joe Marsh & Frank Marconi beat Johnny Kruguz & Abe Yourist (2-
1) … Stu Hart beat King Kong Clayton (dq) … Earl Malone beat Pantaleon Manlapig …
NOTE: Kruguz was described as being 6-foot-2, 238 pounds and from Detroit

Helena MT: October 11, 1948
(Civic Center) … Johnny Kruguz beat Tiger Joe Marsh (2-0, dq) … Buddy Knox beat Stu
Hart … Frank Marconi beat Earl Malone

Helena MT: October 20, 1948 (Wednesday)
(Civic Center) … Buddy Knox (sub for Tiger Joe Marsh) beat Frank Murdoch (2-1) …
Don Sugai beat Earl Malone … Pantaleon Manlapig beat King Kong Clayton … NOTE:
Marsh showed up sporting a 12-stitch gash over one eye and a 10-stitch gash over the
other and was replaced by promoter Malone on the card … Murdoch was re-appearing in
Helena after having enjoyed quite a lengthy run in 1936

Helena MT: October 26, 1948 (Tuesday)
(Civic Center) … Lou Newman vs Frank Marconi … Buddy Knox vs Frank Murdoch …
Don Sugai booked … Referee: Tommy Jenkins … NOTE: Promoter Malone continued to
drive the fans crazy by continually shifting the night of the week reserved for the bouts.

Helena MT: November 3, 1948 (Wednesday)
(Civic Center) … Pat McGill beat Frank Murdoch (60:00, 1-0) … Johnny Kruguz beat
Pantaleon Manlapig … Elmer (Zeke) Estep beat Nick Terrish … NOTE: Terrish was billed
as a former Cornell University fullback and amateur mat star; he turned out to be such a
disgusting flop that promoter Malone apologized to the ringsiders after Estep had
squashed him in short order.

Helena MT: November 10, 1948
(Civic Center) … Pat McGill bat Dick Murdoch (2-1) … Lou Newman beat Earl Malone …
Rube Wright beat Johnn Kruguz

Helena MT: November 17, 1948
(Civic Center) … Lou Newman beat Jim Wallis … Lew Laird beat Rube Wright … Stu Hart
drew King Kong Clayton

Helena MT: November 24, 1948
(Civic Center) … Pat McGill drew Lew Laird (dcor) … Referee: Nick Terrish … Ted
Tourtas beat Johnny Kruguz … Gene Bowman beat Pete Koskie (sub for Lou Newman)

Helena MT: December 1, 1948
(Civic Center) … Frank Marconi vs Lew Laird … (Handicap) Earl Malone vs. Bud Higgins
(Malone to win two falls in 30 minutes) … Ted Tourtas vs Gene Bowman

Helena MT: December 8, 1948
(Civic Center) … Cliff Theide (sub for Gene Bowman) beat Chico Gracia (2-1) … Bud
Higgins beat Johnny Kruguz (sub for Earl Malone) … Lew Laird beat Tiny Mills …
Referee: Ray Steele

Helena MT: December 15, 1948
(Civic Center) … Bud Higgins beat Earl Malone (dq) … Referee: Tom Alley … Gene
Bowman beat Pat McGill … Ted Tourtas drew Don Sugai

Helena MT: December 22, 1948
(Civic Center) … Cardiff Giant beat Gene Bowman … Bud Higgins beat Willie Williams …
Pat McGill beat Earl Malone … NOTE: Cardiff Giant claims to have been managed and
trained by Ed (Strangler) Lewis … also lays claim to “many” roles in the movies … Gene
Bowman claims to have lost the “heavyweight championship” to Orville Brown at Great
Falls in 1946

Research by J Michael Kenyon
Helena Wrestling Results - 1948