Helena MT: September 8, 1947
(Civic Center, att. 2,000) … Pat McGill drew Abe Yourist (60:00, 0-0) … Natie Brown beat
Gene Reardon (1-1, cnc) … Frank McKenna beat Jimmy Lafkus … NOTE: The Civic
Center, a superb building for boxing and wrestling shows, seated in excess of 3,000 …
By the start of this season, Earl Malone appears to be the principal promoter

Helena MT: September 15, 1947
(Civic Center, att. 500) … Pat McGill beat Cliff Thiede (2-1) … Abe Yourist beat Natie
Brown (2-0, dq) … Frank McKenna beat Fritz Schnabel … Referee:  Ray Nicholls

Helena MT: September 22, 1947
(Civic Center) … Jack McDonald beat Abe Yourist (2-1) … Joe Campbell beat Pat McGill
… Joe Benincasa beat King Kong Clayton

Helena MT: September 29, 1947
(Civic Center) … Abe Yourist beat Joe Campbell (52:00, cnc) … Joe Benincasa beat Jack
McDonald (dq) … Natie Brown drew Lee wykoff … Referee: Pat McGill

Helena MT: October 6, 1947
(Civic Center) … Al Mills beat Jack McDonald (53:00, cnc, cuts) … Referee:  King Kong
Clayton … Abe Yourist beat Pat McGill … Natie Brown drew Joe Campbell

Helena MT: December 9, 1947
(Civic Center) … Lou Newman beat Chief Thunderbird (2-1) … Referees: Bill Shires, King
Kong Clayton … Jack McDonald beat Lew Laird … Rudy Strongberg beat Dave Ruhl …
NOTE: Laird quit when not allowed to use a pile driver, a hold which has “been outlawed
in Montana rings since 1935”

Helena MT: December 16, 1947
(Civic Center) … Lou Newman vs Al Mills … Referee: Pat McGill … Earl McCready vs Lew
Laird … Chief Thunderbird vs Rudy Strongberg

Helena MT: December 23, 1947
(Civic Center) … (Battle Royal) featuring Jack McDonald, Pat McGill, Jack Paige, Jim
Clark, Lew Laird and Earl Malone

Helena MT: December 30, 1947
(Civic Center) … Pat McGill drew Jack McDonald (nc) … Jack Paige beat Jerry Meeker
(sub for Lew Laird) … King Kong Clayton beat Bill Shires

Research by J Michael Kenyon
Helena Wrestling Results - 1947