Graeco-Roman superstar Ernest (Ernst) Siegfried was known as the "German Oak," a
powerful grappler, and the "most talked of wrestler ever sent to America by the
Fatherland," according to McNaught Syndicate columnist I.C. Brenner (Cleveland Plain
Dealer, 9/14/1932).  In Brenner's column "Shadows of the Past," he noted that Siegfried
was still living in Prussia, now retired, and that after the World War, he'd caught an
"ailment" that forced him to give up wrestling entirely.  While in was in the United States,
Siegfried was reportedly managed by Joe Humphreys, the former manager of Terry

In an interesting move, the New York State Athletic Commission in March 1923 wanted to
cancel a scheduled match between Ed "Strangler" Lewis and Cliff Binckley, who was a
known member of the Lewis-syndicate, and rebook the event to feature Lewis against
Ernst Siegfried - who was considered a "more suitable opponent." Siegfried was likely not
going to be the pushover that Binckley was.

His real name was Ernst Reiter and he wrestled as late as 1924 in Germany.

He reportedly passed away in 1945.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Ernest Siegfried Wrestling History