The El Paso Herald Post announced on September 14, 1939 that Harry Coffman,
formerly of San Antonio, was taking over as matchmaker at Liberty Hall.  John
McIntosh, who'd promoted El Paso for the past 21 years, had formed a partnership
with Coffman, and McIntosh told the press that he was turning "everything" over to
Coffman.  Coffman, who weighed as much as 300 pounds, promoted San Antonio for
seven years and planned to continue featuring light heavyweights and middleweights
for the time being.  He also wanted to revive boxing in El Paso.

Longtime El Paso promoter John McIntosh died on March 1, 1965 in North Hollywood,
California.  He was survived by three daughters and a son.

The El Paso Herald Post reported on November 5, 1977 that "Sal Romo" had won
exclusive rights to promote wrestling at the Coliseum after a court battle.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
January 19, 2011
El Paso Wrestling Territory