In the history of the sport, there have many families to have all gone the route of
professional wrestling.  Along with the Harts, the Armstrongs, the Fargos, the Duseks and the
Andersons, the Guerrero Family has played a historic part in the mat game.  Gory Guerrero
was the father of Chavo, Mando, Hector and Eddie and was one the leaders of the Lucha
Libra style of wrestling.  Beginning the in 1930’s, Gory made headlines all through the
National Wrestling Alliance.  His sons followed him into the game, each establishing
themselves as a major player.  Eddie, the youngest son, made his debut in 1988.  He
wrestled throughout Mexico and into Texas and California.

     During 1994, he formed the Los Gringos Locos with the Love Machine, Louie Spicolli and
Konnan.  In November of that year, Art Barr died.  Guerrero went to Japan and donned a
mask known as Black Tiger.  Upon return to the United States, he went to Philadelphia and
joined Extreme Championship Wrestling headed by Paul Heyman.  Shortly after his regional
debut, Guerrero pinned 2 Cold Scorpio in Philadelphia to capture the ECW World Television
Title.  The date was April 8, 1995.  The Guerrero-Scorpio title match went 14:49 and many
who saw it were in awe by both of the wrestler’s actions in the ring.

     In defense of his crown, Guerrero battled off many top wrestlers, one being Tampa
native, Dean Malenko.  Their series of contests up and down the eastern seaboard were
always the talk of the sport.  He drew with Malenko on August 26th in Philly during a two-of-
three-fall match.  The bout was their final in ECW and was a “Farewell” bout.  The match was
historic on many levels.  Many knew there were big things for both men.  Two others joined
World Championship Wrestling around the same time they had.  Chris Benoit and Sabu went
to Atlanta and joined the national organization.  Each of them quickly became household
names.  Guerrero began to win big matches left and right.

     On November 20, 1995, during a live edition of Nitro, Guerrero beat Horsemen Member
Brian Pillman.  He was originally scheduled to meet the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, but Eddie
wrestled his heart out against a man who matched his style of high-flying.  Pillman received
the famous frog splash and was pinned.  Guerrero beat Mr. J.L. during the December 11th
Nitro.  Guerrero wrestled Flair on December 18th in Augusta, Georgia.  he was caught in the
figure-four, but refused to give up.  Showing his pain tolerance, Eddie finally passed out and
was pinned.

     On December 27th in Nashville and during the World Cup, Guerrero wrestled Shinjiro
Ohtani when things were tied at 2.  Ohtani pinned him and gave his New Japan Team a leg
up.  Sting pinned Kensuke Sasaki in the finals.  Guerrero wrestled a classic match against
Lord Steven Regal on January 8, 1996 during Nitro.  He was victorious.  He wrestled his
former Los Gringos Locos mate Konnan on March 10th in Tupelo for his foe’s U.S.
Heavyweight Title.  Konnan won by pinfall in a gruelingly even bout.  Eddie wrestled Regal for
a second time on the Main Event prior to the Bash at the Beach pay-per-view on July 7th.  He
was the winner once again.  Guerrero challenged for the United States Title again on August
10th in Sturgis, but this time, Ric Flair was the champ.  The challenger was defeated.

     At the Clash in mid-August, he beat future WCW World Champion Dallas Page, in what
many considered to have been a major upset.  Nevertheless, Guerrero’s stock in
professional wrestling was rising unbelievably fast.  It was just a matter of time before he held
a major WCW Championship.  Steve McMichael used his briefcase on Guerrero during his
match with Chris Benoit on October 28th in Phoenix.  He ended up losing by pinfall.  His
nephew Chavo Guerrero Jr. joined the organization in 1996.

     One of the greatest accomplishments of his career came on December 29, 1996 in
Nashville when he beat Page in the finals of a tournament to become the new WCW United
States Champion.  He held the belt for several months and through many great title defenses
until a fateful night in Charleston, South Carolina on March 16, 1997.  Guerrero met an old
rival in Dean Malenko and ended up losing the U.S. Strap.  Rey Misterio pinned him during a
Nitro in Milwaukee on September 8th.  On September 14th in Winston-Salem, he beat Chris
Jericho and won the WCW World Cruiserweight Title.  An estimated 11,000 looked on.  
Because of his earlier win over Eddie, Misterio was named the number one contender to the
Crusierweight Title.  Misterio beat Guerrero for the title at Halloween Havoc on October 26th
in Las Vegas.

     During Nitro on November 10th, he won a rematch and claimed his second Cruiserweight
Title.  Four days after Christmas in Baltimore, Ultimo Dragon beat Eddie for the title during a
live edition of Nitro.  Eddie was distracted by “Pepe,” a toy horse, and Chavo Jr. on June 29,
1998 in Tampa.  The annoyance allowed the Little Dragon, a rookie wrestler, to pin Guerrero
before a stunned Nitro crowd.  Guerrero pinned Juventud Guerrera on August 3, 1998 in
Denver, several days before the latter’s WCW Cruiserweight Title Match against Chris

     Guerrero gave an emotional interview in the ring of Monday Nitro on August 17th in
Hartford against Eric Bischoff.  He asked out of his contract, explaining that Bischoff was
holding him and other young wrestlers down.  Many wondered if the speech was real or part
of the pre-written script.  More words were exchanged on September 14th in Greenville,
South Carolina.  Bischoff said that he was sending Guerrero to Japan to wrestle for NJPW.  
Eddie decided that he was forming his own contingent of wrestlers to be known as the “Latino
World Order.” Shirts were published and the group was one of the most popular in the
organization, although at times portrayed heels.  The LWO Green and White consisted of
Guerrero, La Parka, Silver King, Cyclope, Psicosis, Juventud Guerrera and Rey Misterio Jr.

     On December 21st in St. Louis, he wrestled Misterio in a Nitro Classic.  Eddie won by
pinfall.  Guerrero was involved in a serious car accident in Florida during the early morning
hours of January 1, 1999.  He was immediately rushed to a local hospital where it was found
that he had suffered a punctured liver and a broken hip.  Eddie returned late in the summer
and joined Billy Kidman and Misterio in the Filthy Animals.  He feuded with Perry Saturn for
some time before leaving before the end of the year.

     In January 2000, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Saturn and Guerrero left WCW for the
World Wrestling Federation.  The quartet made their first showing on Raw is War dated
January 31, 2000 in Pittsburgh.  The “Radicals” sat ringside and watched the New Age
Outlaws in a match early in the show.  Things didn’t take too long before it esculated into an
all-out war.  The four men brawled with the Outlaws before walking out through the backstage
area.  It was later known that Cactus Jack had invited the group to Raw.  All of the men were
signed to WWF contracts.

     On April 3rd, Guerrero beat Chris Jericho in Los Angeles for the European Heavyweight
Title.  He lost the belt to Saturn on July 23rd in Dallas.  During the summer, Guerrero formed
a partnership with Chyna.  On August 27th in Raleigh, Guerrero teamed with Chyna in a tag
match against Trish Stratus and Val Venis.  In the finale, Chyna pinned Stratus and captured
Venis’ Intercontinental Title.

     In Lexington on September 4th, Guerrero beat Chyna and Angle in a three-way match to
capture the I-C Title.  Eddie became the 12th man in history to have captured both the WCW
U.S. Heavyweight and the WWF Intercontinental Titles, the two major secondary
championships in the United States.  Billy Gunn beat Guerrero on November 21st in Sunrise,
Florida and captured the belt  At WrestleMania XVII in Houston, he won his second European
Heavyweight Title from Test before more then 67,000 fans.  Before the end of the month,
Matt Hardy upset Guerrero during a Smackdown Taping in Denver for the belt.

     Guerrero took some time away from the ring to recover from some personal problems.  
He made his World Wrestling Federation return at a house show on November 3, 2001 in
Lowell, Massachusetts.  Guerrero beat Sho Funaki.  The same result occurred the following
night in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Less than a week later, Guerrero was charged with driving
under the influence in Tampa, Florida.  The WWF and Guerrero would soon go in their
separate directions.

     In a ten year span, Eddie Guerrero has impacted wrestling in the U.S. as much as anyone
else could claim credit for.  Some of his matches in ECW, WCW and the WWF are
considered some of the best anywhere. Guerrero has captured five major championships in
the promotions group which was previously known as the “Big Three.” They were the ECW
World Television, WCW United States Heavyweight, WCW World Cruiserweight, WWF
Intercontinental and WWF European Heavyweight Titles.

Biography written around 2001.


     -A two-time ECW World Television Champion
             -Defeated 2 Cold Scorpio (1995)
             -Defeated Dean Malenko (1995)
     -NJPW Super J Tournament Cup Champion (1996) defeated Jushin Liger, tournament
     -WCW United States Heavyweight Title (1996-’97) tournament final
     -WCW World Cruiserweight Title (1997) defeated Chris Jericho
     -WWF Intercontinental Title (2000) defeated Kurt Angle and Chyna
     -A two-time WWF European Heavyweight Champion
             -Defeated Chris Jericho (2000)
             -Defeated Test (2001)

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Eddie Guerrero Wrestling History
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