Ross wrestled Henry Dufur in Rochester, NY on June 7, 1883.  According to one source,
Ross won this match.

In October 1893, Duncan C. Ross was going to travel from New York to Chicago for a match
against Evan Lewis for the world championship at a $2,000 purse.

The Daily Commonwealth of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin on Wednesday, July 31, 1912 reported
that Tuesday afternoon, Captain Duncan C. Ross was in the area and talked about his life.  
Ross was a "famous athlete, champion swordsman," and a "member of the Roosevelt Rough
Riders in the Spanish American War.  He was born at Constantinople of Scottish descent,
and his father was an officer in the Turkish army.  At 25, Duncan won the broadsword
championship of the world, and took on all comers for years.  Ross was over 70 years of age.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Duncan C. Ross Wrestling History
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