Bremerton, Washington:  Thursday, September 13, 1945
(Civic Center) ... Lou Thesz b. Ed "Strangler" Lewis ... Rube Wright b. Hal Rumberg ...
Antone Leone and Johnny Walker drew (30:00) ... (promoter:  Vic Sinkunas)
Notes:  The Sportsmen's Club, which was sponsoring the program, was said to be "newly
organized." Sinkunas had taken over the Globe A.C.  Wrestling was resuming locally after
a six week layoff.  Thesz was from Fort Lewis.  Rumberg was from McChord Field.  
Walker was from Chicago.

Bremerton, Washington:  Thursday, September 20, 1945
(Civic Center) ... Chief Little Wolf b. Johnny Walker ... Antone Leone b. Kay Bell ... Jim
Clark b. Mickey Gavas ... (small crowd)

Bremerton, Washington:  Thursday, September 27, 1945
(Civic Center) ... Lou Newman and Frank Stojack b. Antone Leone and Rube Wright (2/3)
(tag team match) ... Hal Rumberg b. Mickey Gavas (2-0) ... Lou Newman b. Mike Reilly
Notes:  Rumberg was recently discharged from the military.  Gavas was of Fort Lewis and
Reilly was from Tacoma.

Bremerton, Washington:  October 18, 1945
(Civic Center) ... Frank Stojack and Johnny Walker drew ... Seelie Samara b. Lou
newman ... Lou Thesz b. Chief Thunderbird

Bremerton, Washington:  November 1, 1945
(Civic Center) ... Lou Thesz b. Seelie Samara ... Dick Raines b. Johnny Walker ... Chief
Little Wolf b. Hal Rumberg

Research by J Michael Kenyon
October 22, 2010
Bremerton (WA) Wrestling Results - 1945