NWA Member:  Paul Bowser

Admitted to Organization:  November 26, 1949
Boston Office:  2 Park Square
Phone Number:  Hubbard 2-4333, Hubbard 2-4334

One of the major hurdles for the budding
National Wrestling Alliance was dwindling the
multitude of heavyweight championship claimants down to one.  Although a number of
bookers agreed to the premise of the NWA in November 1949, Bowser included, they didn't
immediately eliminate their local claimants.  In fact, Bowser refused to sign the NWA
agreement, a document that all other members signed as of June 7, 1950, because of his
recognition of Frank Sexton as AWA World Heavyweight Champion.  He reportedly "felt that
he could not honestly sign a pledge to recognize the Alliance champion until such time as
one title exists." Bowser believed in the NWA, however, and wanted it to propser.  The NWA
leadership hoped the situation would be solved at the NWA convention in September.

An NWA Bulletin on January 30, 1953 announced a territorial rift between Bowser and Ed
Don George of Buffalo over North Adams, Massachusetts.  Both men apparently felt the city
belonged to them.  On February 10, Sam Muchnick wrote:  "It is the President's
understanding that the town will revert back to its former office in Boston."

Bowser failed to pay his membership dues and assessments for 1955-'56 and was dropped
from the National Wrestling Alliance membership as of October 15, 1955.

Paul Bowser passed away on the afternoon of Sunday, July 17, 1960 at Massachusetts
General Hospital.  He was 74.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
December 30, 2010
Boston Booking Office